image Here’s a roundup keyed to an AP story. Any good hunches as to the percentage of iPhone buyers who’ll use their new babies for e-books? Earlier, just as a guess, I tossed out three percent.

That could be high. Still, Apple has moved three million new iPhones in just a month, and eReader is reporting 135,000 downloads, while Stanza reports around 85,000. And those are just two e-book apps.

Even considering the existing iPhone/Touch users, that’s quite a performance..


  1. In my opinion 3% is probably in the ballpark right now but over time it will be higher than that. Right now between stanza and ereader there are already about 200,000 people who have at least tried reading on iphone. Some percentage of those will become regular readers and some won’t, of course. And there are certainly people who have tried both apps. So your guess is as good as mine on how you want to fiddle with the figures to take those factors into account.

    We do have an accurate count of people actually buying content then coming back for more on iphone, which qualifies them certainly as people who have bought in for sure and not just casually trying it out. In only 1 month we’re in the tens of thousands on that count.

    I’m not sure how many iphone+ipod touch there are out there right this second. If there are five or six million, say, then 3% of that is something like 150-180k people reading. That’s pretty close to the download figures after just one month post-appstore-launch. So, yeah, a few months down the road it should be way past 3% even if only a third of the people who try it out become regular readers.

    -Steve P.

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