alan_rusbridger_140x140 “You have to buy the machine in the US, and can register for an Amazon Kindle account only if you can supply a US billing and credit card address. It won’t work on any European network, but you can get round that by hooking it up to a laptop via a USB cable.” – Alan Rushbridger, in the Guardian.

The TeleRead take: New York is probably swarming with British tourists, given the cheaper dollar. Not to mention that we Yanks are suckers for people with the right accents. So one way or another, Brits might be able to get some helpful Americans to oblige. A task for a concierge at a ritzy hotel, maybe? Or a Brit with the right banking connections, if it can be done within the law? Needless to say, similar tricks could work for other nonAmericans, not just the British. I know. This is old stuff for sophisticated techies and travelers, but might be of interest to e-book novices.

And remember: Psst! eBay.


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