imageYou  already can read e-books on your GPS in some cases. Exvaxman vaguely recalls a model that can display files in the .txt format—anyone have further specifics?

Meanwhile, another TeleBlog regular, Rob Preece, writes: “I received a Garmin GPS unit for Christmas and was able to use RasterBook, along with a SD memory card, to read eBooks. I’m planning on writing a tutorial on this. Image quality is really pretty good–definitely workable although not as sharp as ePaper.” See a tutorial that Rob wrote about RasterBook in a cellphone context.

Talk about the knowledge, ingenuity and resourcefulness of our readers! Thanks to both Exvaxman and Rob!

GPS buying tip: Look for a model that reads off street names, rather than just saying, “Turn left a quarter mile away.” My impression is that the $100 Tom Tom lacks this capability. Some more expensive Tom Toms and Garmins have it.

And speaking of the practical: Check out Part I of DearAuthor’s two-part series on using the Calibre program for e-book management and file conversion. Among other things, Calibre can convert to ePub, which, via Stanza, is readable on the iPhone.


  1. You can also use a some of the current picture viewers to read books. The one my parents received for Christmas even lists that as a feature (only .TXT documents, though, but that opens up a large number of classics).

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