Google ReaderI just saw this posted on the soon-to-be-renamed KindleBoards (hence no link).

Someone has created a very simple Web app to allow you to read your Google Reader feed on your E Ink Kindle. Check out Kindle Newsletter. Here’s what it looks like on a computer screen, to give you an idea

Google Reader

Don’t be fooled by the name. It’s not just for Kindles. It will work with any E Ink reader that has a Web browser. I compared it to logging directly into Google Reader on my Kindle Touch, and Kindle Newsletter does have a better layout on my device than the Google Reader site. The text is larger, and the layout more friendly on the limited screen of my Touch.

I’m not sure how many of your want access to your Google Reader feed on your E Ink device, but this is a decent option if you’re in need of such a service.


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