logosmall.gifCNET has an article with this title. They discuss Jungle-search.com. After they discuss free ebooks they go on to say:

… But what if you want to see more granular lists–say, separating the public domain titles from the modern freebies? (Publishers occasionally give away older books in a series to hook readers on newer ones, for example.) Or what if you want to see only books in a certain price range–only those that are 99 cents, or $2 to $3?

That’s where Jungle-search.com comes in. The search engine is designed to scour Amazon for all sorts of deals across a variety of categories. And that includes Kindle titles, which can be filtered by price. As of today, there are almost 17,000 free Kindle titles (see links below). Nearly all of them are public domain titles, including many of the same you’ll find on Google Books. The remaining 246 free titles tend to be Kindle games, or those aforementioned freebie promotional titles. Currently, it looks like romance titles dominate the top of the list, but you’ll find plenty of thrillers, and even some “Star Wars” books in there, too. (These titles tend to turn over pretty quickly, so it’s worth checking every few weeks or so.)


  1. Paul,

    One of the sites/links you promote is a subscription site that posts this disclaimer in very small print:
    “TheXXXXXXXX.com is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Apple or the iPad team, Barnes & Noble or Amazon.com
    XXXXXXXX.com does not provide a direct database for downloading. XXXXXXX.com provides members with the necessary links, tutorials & unlimited technical support for their downloading needs.”

    I am not sure, but couldn’t this be a thinly veiled pirate site?

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