Halloween books“At google.com/scarystories, you can rediscover spooky classics like Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, as well as explore less well-known tales like Thomas Hardy’s Victorian ghost story, ‘The Withered Arm.’” – Google blog. And now that we’ve mentioned the titles, why not go to manybooks.net to enjoy the books in easier-to-use formats than Google’s PDF?


  1. […] GhostDroppings tells us about Zombie Friends, a place for zombies. Think Before You Carve: A short film shows that life is not easy for pumpkins on Halloween. The most popular costumes for adults are witches, pirates and vampires. Sexy costumes are also a trend. The pirate costume has become the procrastinator’s costume of choice. Pirates are also the most popular in costume searches. Halloween Politics: Lance Mannion is blogging about a right wing war on Halloween. Stephen King also turned political by calling the president and “out-of-control congress” scary. And here is a pumpkin with the word vote on it. Halloween SoaP: Snakes on a Pumpkin Woot has posted a collection of Halloween Flickr Find. Highlights include these Superfriends and AT-AT costume. Build a bottomless pit for Halloween. (thx Lifehacker) Pumpkin Stuff: Test out your pumpkin carving skills on a virtual pumpkin. Learn how to heep your carved pumpkin fresh. (via Boing Boing). Make 3D pumpkin carvings. Here’s a useful Pumpkins Squidoo. Awesome robotic dalek pumpkin. (via Solonor’s Ink Well) These costumes really suck. (via WMFU) Burger King Masks: Good luck getting a BK Mask now unless you are willing to pay a lot for shipping. If you have a belated Halloween party you still have time. A couple of the good things on the Spooky Scary Zen include Spelling with Zombies and M&M’s Dark Chocolate game. Defamer finds a silly sign warning about a $1,000 fine for Silly String. A pumpkin for fast food lovers and a costume for pizza lovers. Halloween Food and Recipes: Boo-nilla Shakes, Cockroach Cake, Kripy Kreme Pumpkin Donuts, Chocolate Cauldron, Spicy Pumpkin Soup, Halloween Cupcakes, Halloween CupKin PumpCakes, Snot Soup, Gourmet Candy Corn and Cute Halloween Cupcakes. Toronto zombies go for the “Thriller” World Record. Dad’s message to people who stole his kid’s pumpkins: “To whoever stole my kid’s pumpkins! Thanks for ruining his Halloween you jerk! He grew them himself!” (via Obscure Store) A new cable network called FearNet launches on October 31st. Hacked Gadgets blogs about how to build a pop-up tombstone. There’s also a video. More Costumes: Rubik’s Cube, Pacman and Ghost (via SimpleBits), Project Runway costumes, Web 2.0 costume, Bird Nut, Mr. T, Knight Rider, Godzilla, Rad Tie Fighter and Journo. A photo of a Vox pumpkin from the Vox launch party. Blogging Baby points to this site that tells you how to make ghoulies out of tampons. You can also make a tampon wig there. Seriously. If you really want to be cool this Halloween you will carve your pumpkin underwater. The plane crash Halloween theme is tacky, disturbing and something idiots do for Halloween. Kids rearranged Mom’s Happy Halloween letter blocks Krunker, Teleread and Google Blogoscoped are discussing Google Book Search’s Scary Stories. The Google Blog is also discussing it. These crawley spider cakes are great. (via Megnut) Friends in Tech in presenting the The Server Room of Horrors 2006. (thx Absoblogginlutely) Costumzee will help you find costume ideas. More costume ideas at CostumeIdeaZone and Michaels. The Simpsons have a Halloween zombie flash game. Gizmodo claims all you need for Halloween is on this post. Paul Davidson brags that he is going to be the coolest candy giver ever. Celebs: Linday’s Lohan’s wore silk pajamas and Paris Hilton dressed up as a scantily clad police officer. Here’s Billy Bob picking out a pumpkin. And Jerry O’Connell is dressed like Elmo. TUAW blogs about the iTunes Halloween playlists. Watchers Watch says The Simpsons’ “Treehouse of Horror XVII” has the biogest buzz for Halloween specials. Saw III will probably do very well at the box office. Sugar Shock Blog posts a cartoon about Halloween and sugar. Get your kitty some colored claws for Halloween or because you don’t want your cat to claw the furniture. Wired wants your Freaky Geek Costumes. They are to be posted here on Flickr. Help these bloggers decide what to be for Halloween: Frequent Citations, Sages of Chaos, Sunny Side Up, Fair Trade Certified, faeriefashion, 5×5 Equals, Hip Domestics and Monkfish Mandate. Celebrity baby costume idea: Costumes based on celebrity kids and their parents. Blogging Baby knows why you shouldn’t give out pennies, raisins and smarties on Halloween. Windows Zombie PCs are still the worst zombies of all. Past Blogging Halloween posts can be found here. […]

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