images.jpgImportant news from Google. The say that the current version of Android is not designed for tablets. This means that only a few of the new tablets coming to market will be able to access the Android market. Be careful of what you buy right now! Here’s the info from Liliputing:

The problem is that Google hasn’t officially given these devices its blessing yet — and Google mobile director Hugo Barra tells Tech Radar that the company probably won’t until a future version of Android that’s optimized for tablets is available. In other words, that shiny new Android 2.2 Froyo operating system Google launched earlier this year? You know, the one that tablet makers are scrambling to install on their mobile devices? It’s not what Google had in mind for tablets.

While the basic Google Android operating system is open source and free for anyone to use, Google holds tighter reigns on some of the apps that run on top of Android, including its Gmail, Google Calendar, and Android Market apps. So far, Google hasn’t officially given the go ahead for any hardware maker to install the Android Market app on a device that doesn’t meet the minimum requirements — which basically means you need to have a device with an accelerometer, WiFi, and phone capabilities. That’s why the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Dell Streak both have Android Market access and the Archos 101 and Augen GenTouch78 don’t. The former have 3G modems and the ability to make phone calls. The latter don’t.

The good news is that Barra says future versions of Android will support the tablet form factor. But right now, he says that the problem with installing the Android Market is that some of the 80,000 apps available for download simply won’t run properly on tablets.

Check Liliputing for more info and links.


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