download.jpegThe 2010 survey was completed by 2,600 respondents and 47% of them had paid for an ebook – up from 18% last year. 80% of respondents said that they had read an ebook and this is up from about 40% last year.

But Jones warned that booksellers were being left behind in the race for digital sales. In total 85% of publishers said that they sold books or journals in electronic format, but just 37% of booksellers said they sold content electronically. And while digital sales were below where most people had expected them to be, publishers’ expectations of growth far outweighed those of booksellers. While more than half of publishers believed that by 2020 over 20% of their overall sales would be taken by digital books, only one-third of booksellers agreed.

More info in the article in The Bookseller.


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