Do you like to read while you eat? I know people say you shouldn’t multitask while eating, but reading during breakfast and lunch is one of my favorite ways to treat myself.

Finding a good way to prop up my e-reader has always been a challenge. The MoKo case for my Nexus 7 works well in landscape mode, but my Kindle Touch case doesn’t have any way to position it. If you’ve been searching as well, I’ve found two solutions you might want to consider.

The first is the AmazonBasics Mini Travel Stand (top photo). It’s only $6.20 on Amazon, and it’s deceptively useful. Folding flat, it fits just about anywhere. There’s no reason not to have it with you all the time. As you’ll see, it works well for a “naked” device. You have limited control over angle by widening or narrowing how much you open the stand. It’s so small and discrete that you’ll forget its there while you’re reading. It works equally well for portrait and landscape positioning.

The next option is the AmazonBasics Portable Fold-Up Travel Standquite the mouthful (bottom photo).

It’s a bit bigger, but still small enough to fit in a purse or messenger bag. It’s the ideal solution for devices in covers, like my Kindle Touch in its lighted cover.

By raising or lowering the upright part of the stand, you can adjust the angle of your device. It also works well in landscape mode.

There you have it. Two ways to read at a table. They also work well on airline tray tables. I’ve used the fold-up one to watch movies in-flight. Much nicer than holding my tablet in my lap.

Just one warning: My dog thought the fold-up stand was a great chew toy. Fortunately, it was inexpensive, and I got a second one. I’ve made sure to keep the replacement well out of her reach.


  1. Of course a $2-3 wire plate stand or easel form the local crafts store will also work and will also fold flat.

    Jack Tingle

  2. Good point, Jack. Not being a crafter, I wasn’t aware of such things. Someone suggested a wire business card holder, like you can get from Staples. It worked, sort of, but I went back to my stands.

  3. I have a metal stand that folds apart like a pair of compasses: you can see a picture here: . It’s a little heavy to carry around but I use it to prop up my tablet when I’m reading sheet music from it at the piano. In some situations weight is a good thing.

    My prize for Item of Furniture You Are Most Likely to Trip Over goes to this stand, however: .

  4. The ultimate in underkill is the stand I’ve used for years for my PDAs and now for my Samsung Galaxy Player 5 (which I use for reading). It’s the little acrylic box that fancy post it notes come in. It has two little square tubes on the back of each side meant for pencils, and came (mostly free) shrink-wrapped with a block of rainbow post it notes. I used the notes and stand the PDA/GP5 in the box.

    Jack Tingle

  5. The ebook ring is my favorite portable kindle prop. I carry it in my purse and use it when I’m eating. If I’m moving from one table to another, I just wear it on my wrist like a bracelet. It’s really simple, but it works.

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