image Crafty, er, resourceful, people can now get the entire Wall Street Journal site for free, even if Rupert Murdoch hasn’t officially torn down his pay wall.

Such is the impression given by Salon columnist Farhad Manjoo, who obligingly tells how to do referer spoofing, among other things. He maintains his strategies are legal, and I suspect he’s right. We’re not talking about DRM bypasses, just a little ingenuity.

The really fascinating angle here is that the Salon site itself still has a premium plan. Not sure how it would affect Farhad. I myself am a paid subscriber of both Salon and the WSJ.

Also from Farhad: His intriguingly titled new book, True Enough: How to Live in a Post-Fact Society. Could vivid images from an event such as 9/11 actually be at odds with the truth, by encouraging conspiracy theorists ? That’s among the issue Farhad raises. I haven’t read the book, but some years ago Farhad did a good job of interviewing me for an excellent Wired writeup he was doing on NPR’s linking policies of the time.

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