pick.jpgDigital Book World coverage:

Publishers and agents differ on ‘fair’ e-book royalty rates, by Chris Meadows

Its no pocalypse at Digital Book World, by Eric Hellman

DBW panelists suggest children’s book apps need curating, by Chris Meadows

Digital Book World: BISG research report on ISBN

Digital Book World: consumer attitude and buying behavior studies

Digital territorial rights hot issue in Europe, by Chris Meadows

Digital Book World: Skill sets that publishers don’t have – how do we get them or deal with it

Digital Book World: Will territorial sales become obsolete? An update on rights issues

Digital Book World: New models for agents

Digital Book World: what’s the future for brick-and-mortar bookstores? – from an analysts perspective

Digital Book World: 10 fun facts now that we’re an ebook retailer and wholesaler – Google Books

Digital Book World: Capitalizing on ebook growth in Europe – roadmap for American publishers

Digital Book World: Industry forecast – results of the DBW/Forrester 2010 publishing survey

Digital Book World: a CEO’s view of the future


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