image Remember the Last Book project? It included the vision of book gizmo with pages you could flip through. The gizmo would stay the same. But the pages would change according to the book you wanted displayed.

Technology hasn’t delivered yet, but it’s getting closer and closer, as perhaps suggested by work at Hewlett-Packard and Arizona State on a paper-ish display. From the New York Times:

“The company and the research lab say the innovation will allow electronic displays to become easily portable and more energy-efficient. They say their lithography technology lets images appear on the displays without distortion despite rolling and bending.”

Perfected, this tech or a similar one just might complicate life for Luddites. If e-books have flippable pages just like p-books, then it’ll become that much harder to rant on about technology’s threat to literature. Someday will the pages even feel like paper? Oh, the horror!

For now, there’s talk that perhaps the newspaper industry could use the technology. Maybe. But right now news executives seem focused on a few other matters.

Detail: The Times article didn’t mention flippable book pages, but it’s fun to speculate, while keeping in mind that the AZ State tech may or may not lend itself to this app in time.

And speaking of tech doings: Intel: We’re on track for 32 nanometer manufacturing, in a ZDNet blog.


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