question.jpegDoes anybody know … of a stable ebook reader, preferably free, for windows mobile that supports EPUB format?

There are a couple of claimants that I’ve found lacking: Freda, which seems buggy (wants upgrade of dotnet compact framework, for no apparent reason); and also mobi, which doesn’t support EPUB seamlessly, if at all.

Thanks for the feature and the opportunity!


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  1. I like Freda – it is being actively developed and the developer is very communicative. After long time without ePub reader, we can finally read books in the best format. Great thanks to Jim!

    ZuluReader looks strange and didn’t work for me…

  2. Hi Paul,
    Can you give me a bit more detail the problem you are seeing with Freda and .NetCF? (email details to home(at) if you like). Freda comes in two versions – one for winmo5 which requires .netcf2, and one for winmo6 that requires .netcf3 . If you install Freda on a phone that doesn’t have the right version of .netcf, then you’ll get a message saying that an upgrade is needed. If you’re getting that message in spite of having an up-to-date .netcf installed on your phone, it’s a bug, and I’d be interested in investigating it.
    (Though to be honest, for the .netcf versioning stuff I depend on Windows Mobile to do the right thing; if it’s doing the wrong thing, it could be hard to come up with an effective work-around).

  3. My issue with Freda is that it doesn’t display any formatting. I have an epub document with extensive use of italics but the whole document is displayed as plain text.

  4. Hey guys , i currently use freda and i like it but my backlight goes off even witht the setting enabled to keep it on . also i do not like the autoscrolling it uses . i like the autoscrolling that just graddually moves the page to the next instead of jumping from word to word . Is there any other eReaders out there ?

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