David Rothman had a heart attack on the weekend of September 25, 2008.  (Read Paul Biba’s initial announcement here).  David will be away indefinitely. This URL  will relay updates about David’s condition.

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Keep in mind that people at TeleRead may not know the latest information or we may not be in a position to disclose it publicly. But we will do our best to keep you informed about updates.  [If you have TeleRead business which requires action or a response, you should forward it to Paul Biba at paulkbibaNOSPAMgmail.com – TeleRead staff].

  • September 30. Initial Announcement.
  • October 2. I talked to David Rothman for about an hour. He sounds good although he is still in the hospital and seemed a little less energetic than usual. My guess is that he will be “back” earlier rather than later (in a week or two), but will probably blog much less frequently for the short term. He talked about buying the Dell Mini and was glowing about the wierd gadgets in his medical room. He will probably be moving to a family member’s house today.