I was getting nervous because David hasn’t posted in so long, so I called him at home and his wife told me that he had a heart attack last Thursday night at about 10pm.  Last Friday he had quadruple bypass surgery and is recovering.  Evidently all 4 arteries were 90% blocked.  David didn’t smoke and was a vegitarian, but his wife said he has a family history of heart problems.  She is hoping that he will be released from the hospital this Thursday.

According to his wife, when David comes home he will be very weak and not capable of doing too much.  Therefore please don’t call him or send him email.  His mailbox is already backed up and he won’t be able to spend too much time on it for a while.  However, he is already talking to his wife about the status of his book, so it certainly looks as if he is recovering.

I would suggest that anyone who wants to send their regards to David do so by adding a comment to this post so that David just has to look in one place. If this post gets pushed down by other articles I’ll put it back up at the top again.

For all those who have permission to post on this blog, let’s try to keep things going while David is under the weather.

For those who don’t have permission to post, if you want to send me a post by email, I will put it up with due credit to you.  Keeping the blog running is the best thing we can do for David at this point.  You can send me any postings at paulkbiba at gmail.com

October 1 Update: Check the Medical Status post for the latest information about David Rothman’s medical condition. We’ll try to update it over time.