Pirate flagMaybe. Suppose a publisher lets you only view a book, and what if you want your own permanent e-copy—for work, study or recreational use on a variety of devices, some not wired into the Net. Wouldn’t you be more likely to turn to a pirate who fulfilled your wishes?

I doubt that view-only books will be beyond the skills of pirates. Technically speaking, the rule in the past has generally been: If it can be displayed, it can be pirated. I’d welcome people’s thoughts on this matter. If nothing else, pirates can scan in paper books, just as they did the Harry Potter series.

You bet the above pertains to Google. Of course, I hope that publishers will still sell downloadable books through other channels if Google doesn’t, but whatever the case, I wonder if Google might unwittingly be about to help pirates.


  1. I agree. Zinio provides digital editions of popular magazines, and we’ve got pirated issues popping up frequently. I believe companies in the “eBook” industry would be smart in following EA Sports lead on this one. Give it away, and figure out a creative way to monetize the consumption.

  2. Well, they did it. Expunged all the ebooks from Amazon. This alonmg with 14 states bribed into outlawing free and easy universal wi fi access, and you have to ask yourself, who killed the e book. And what is more, did you know that patents for single unit clothes washer drier have existed and been trounced wince 1936. Who are these people and where is Geraldo.

    But the worst is the e books at amazon. any I bought before the last thirty days are no longer my property and what is more, no refund. And when you consider the value to students, we have a full scale assault on the consumer.

    God I miss my ebooks, and so does my mother, with her sight problems she will be more than disapointed when I tell her. But my friends and companions, there will not be a single murmer of discontented. These are educated men and women brainwashed to believe the best about manufacture and business. What a shame.

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