smartphone addictionSo I was thinking about writing about something serious, like Spain’s insane new law. But before I could get to it, I found this article on clothes to cure our smartphone addiction. Silly must trump serious, at least for the moment!

Yes, someone has designed clothes made from radio-frequency blocking fabrics. Drop your phone into a pocket, and it’s rendered virtually useless as a phone. Aren’t the designs stylish? Don’t they make you want to dash out to buy them?

Okay, I know that disconnecting is a fun theme for tech bloggers to write about, and that many are concerned about how attached we’ve become to our phones, but really? I thought this comment to the article summed it up perfectly:

You know, if you have such a problem with your phone use that you’re willing to walk around in a tinfoil suit to render it useless maybe, I dunno, just turn it off instead?

Sounds sensible to me. Although if you want to be a bit less extreme, there’s always muting it.

Check out the video if you want to see more. The manufacturing technique actually looks interesting.

Image credit Focus Life Gear


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