CES 2014Our sister site, GadgeTell has been running plenty of articles gearing up for CES 2014, which starts today for the media while the show floor officially opens tomorrow. I couldn’t go this year (maybe in 2015), but I’ve been watching the rumor roundup with amusement. Here’s some of the articles from GadgeTell that I thought you might be interested in. I’ll be keeping an eye on the coverage and cross-posting anything that looks interesting.

CES 2014 Wearable Technology

Wearables are expected to abound at CES this year, and here are a couple of possibilities

CES 2014: Intel to Show Off Wearable Technology
Wondering what Intel will announce at next week’s tech event? The company is believed to be entering the wearable tech arena and CES will be its launching platform.

Archos Will Unveil Smartwatches at CES 2014
We’ve heard about the Samsung smartwatches and steadily, more and more companies have been tossing their products into the wearable tech ring. Now, Archos wants in on the smartwatch game and we can expect a preview at CES next week.

Video, Tablets and More

CES 2014: YouTube to Demo 4K Video Streaming
One of the bigger companies showing off 4K streaming at the CES in Las Vegas is YouTube. No, the Google-owned video sharing website isn’t releasing its own 4K Ultra TV but it’s finally supporting the hi-def streaming technology.

Asus Confirms VivoTab Note 8 Tablet with Windows 8.1 and Pen Support
It started off as a timid murmur, but soon morphed into a riotous rumble. Keeping the VivoTab Note 8 under wraps any longer thus became futile for Asus, so with only five days to go until CES will be officially underway, the 8-incher has gone official.

Paick Showcasing Ultra-Thin Pop-Up Battery at CES 2014
With lots of external battery packs on the market, sometimes it takes a bit of creativity for a particular product to stand out from the crowd. Paick’s latest battery pack might be one of those products. Its new Noble product comes in at only a half-inch thin, while packing 6000mAh of power for mobile devices.

What tech are you most excited to see or read about from CES this year?


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