Calibre has updated their software to version 0.8.43 and is now available for download.

Here are some of the New Features in the latest version.


  1. Support for reading Amazon’s new KF8 format [0.8.42]
  2. Implement the ability to automatically add books to calibre from a specified folder. [0.8.38]
  3. Kobo: Add support for fetching annotations from the kobo reader. [0.8.24]
  4. Input plugin for OCR-ed DJVU files (i.e. .djvu files that contain text. Only the text is converted) [0.8.22]
  5. News download: Add algorithms to automatically clean up downloaded HTML [0.8.16]
  6. Add a ‘languages’ metadata field. [0.8.15]
  7. Make the keyboard shortcuts used by the main calibre interface user customizable, via Preferences->Advanced->Keyboard [0.8.14]
  8. When doing a conversion from some format to the same format, save the original file [0.8.11]
  9. Builtin support for downloading and installing/updating calibre plugins. Go to Preferences->Plugins and click ‘Get new plugins’ [0.8.6]
  10. A new ‘portable’ calibre build, useful if you like to carry around calibre and its library on a USB key [0.8.5]
  11. Allow the coloring of columns in the book list. [0.8.3]
Go to to see what's new in 0.8.0 [0.8.0]


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