Calibre, the popular e-book manager, has finally reached 1.0 status. The news, announced on their blog yesterday, begins with an entertaining look at the genesis of Calibre seven years ago, and then enumerates the features that pushed it into 1.0 status:

 A cover grid viewCalibre
 A faster database backend
 Allowing images in the comment field
 Enhanced conversion options
 Virtual library partitions
 Other small fixes and improvements

I am thrilled with these new enchancements. As a loyal Calibre user, I want to thank Kovid Goyal and his team for all their hard work and congratulate them on their new 1.0 status.

I also would like to remind people that Calibre is a donationware program. If you appreciate the hard work this team puts in as much as I do, consider sending them a Paypal congrats for their fancy new 1.0 update!

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  1. You can do what I do, send them money every year. I figure they’re more than worth the price of a software “upgrade” every year. It’s even on my calendar.

  2. I love Calibre. Use it almost every day. Thanks to your series on Calibre, I learned all kinds of neat tricks and tips. The only thing I’ve yet to figure out is how to use it on my droid smartphone.

    I also make a yearly donation. I do it as my birthday gift to me. :)

    Happy 1.0 Calibre!

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