Our sister blog GamerTell points out a set of game-related e-book deals for the holiday season. Games Workshop e-book publisher Black Library (whom we’ve covered here before) is offering a number of e-book and audiobook bundles for fans who haven’t bought in yet. Some of them are a little pricey. For example:

Christmas Space Marine eBundle: Space Marines are always fun. This collection takes the best novels and novellas highlighting specific famous Space Marine battle. In total, you get seven novels and four novellas for $75.89.

Though when you look at the individual books in the bundle, it doesn’t appear that you’re saving anything by paying the bundle price. The two novels I checked were $7.99 each and the novella I checked was $4.99, which means you’d be paying the exact same amount if you bought the bundle rather than individual titles if the pricing is consistent across all titles.

Still, the individual prices are relatively decent for e-books (if a little higher than I’d want to pay), so it may not be such a bad deal in the end, for those who find the books appealing.


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