Of course they put them on sale two days after I bought one. :(

But my griping aside, this is a great deal. For B&N’s Mother’s Day sale, the Nook HD is priced at $149 while the Nook HD+ is only $179. Those prices are for the lower memory versions, but the higher memory versions are on sale as well. The sale runs through Mother’s Day, which is exactly one week from today—Sunday, May 12.

I’m still finishing up my review of the Nook HD with the new Google Play integration, but I can say right now that this is a great deal. Adding Google Play to the HD line has made the Nook HDs a serious tablet contender. The HD might just replace my Nexus 7 as my daily workhorse device. It’s that good.

If you’ve been thinking about getting an HD, I’d suggest taking advantage of this sale. If you need a bit more convincing, I’ll be posting my review soon, which will still give you time to read it and make a decision before Mother’s Day.

Now we’ll see if B&N will refund me the difference to avoid us both going through the return/rebuy process. For me,  a $50 savings is worth jumping through a hoop or two.

It’s so nice to be excited about Nooks again!

Update: Just got back from B&N, where they refunded me the difference with no hassle. Great device. Awesome price and good customer service. What’s not to like?


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