Sony Reader“…to compare the Reader to books is to miss the point. The device is particularly well suited to one thing: traveling. On a long journey, where packing light is required, it’s a no-brainer. And there’s a compelling case to pack a Reader on trans-oceanic flights or a trip to the beach, given that you’re not going to cram eight titles into your carry-on or beach bag. The fact is the Reader can mean the difference between reading a little and reading a lot. That’s something worth celebrating.” – Conde Nast Traveler blog.

The TeleRead take: As I’ve made amply clear, tastes in e-reading devices will vary. The Reader is great for lazing back in a beach chair amid bright sunshine, as I see it, but no so good for reading in a dim hotel room. Furthermore, the format issues linger. But, hey, if you like the Reader, go for it!

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And speaking of hardware: Another comparison between the $100/$175 laptop from OLPC and Intel’s Classmate, in OLPC News.


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