Columbia Journalism SchoolOver at Media Shift, Mark Glaser has a write-up about the changes afoot at Columbia University‘s venerated school of journalism program. The changes came about as faculty “has made various attempts to keep up with the vast digital disruption” but ultimately found themselves too hampered by the old model to keep up.

“What we didn’t want was the journalism school getting too focused on business disruption issues or media innovation and to lose sight of the core values and practices,” dean Bill Grueskin said. But he admitted too that the ‘old’ model, where students pick a ‘concentration’ (broadcast, newspaper, digital, or magazine) and then find their course selections hamstrung by the path they have picked, wasn’t working either.

Starting in the fall, students in the 10-month program will be able to pick and choose across a variety of courses to round out a few core basic ones that everyone will take.

A series of three videos accompany the Media Shift article. In them, the CSJ’s Bill Grueskin (he’s the school’s dean of academic affairs) discusses Columbia’s revamped curriculum, and much more. We’ve embedded all three videos below. Enjoy!


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