image Kindle sellers are aiming for “Buy It Now”  prices as high as $1,495 on eBay.

The $1,494 is hardly typical, but it still reflects the demand, now that customers must wait weeks and weeks for new Kindles to arrive from Amazon itself.

image Related: Get a Refurbished Kindle—in Stock Now!, from Bees (Books) on The Knob. Alas, when I checked, the $329 refurbs were sold out, and used units began at $696.

Related: Parts I and II of an e-book-gizmo buying guide from The first part deals with dedicated machines like the Sony Readers, while the second discusses multifunction devices,including Asus-class notebooks. Also see a TeleBlog item on an interesting $350 Asus now on sale.


  1. David, thanks for the mention. I’ve heard from at least a half dozen who managed to grab a refurb Kindle after I posted the tip and they went out of stock this morning, but one at a time have been popping back up. I suspect they will now add them as they are returned and ready to go, so those who want one now will have to check several times a day and be ready to order when they are in stock.

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