May was a good reading month for me—I enjoyed setting up my new Kindle, and I read some really great stuff, too. Alas, most of the stuff was not stuff I was supposed to be reading for my goals and I have fallen behind a little! So, how did I do?

Goal 1: Read 100 Books

I racked up seven new books this month, so I’m happy. I am still a bit behind, as per the Goodreads stats engine, but I have more time in the summer for this, so I expect to catch up. I am taking the rest of June off once school is done, for a little staycation time while I still have a bus pass. Then in July, I start my summer course and will hopefully have some other projects going on.

I also varied my courses a little this month, with two of my reads coming off author website promos. One was a full book, and one was an excerpt from a forthcoming release. Sadly, it didn’t make me want to read the book, but I appreciate that more authors are taking risks and trying new promo efforts.

Goal 2: Do a Thematic Reading Project

Failed this one! I was still a little fatigued by the Holocaust overload in my first few months of Jewish reading, and I got distracted playing with my new Kindle. I had a few Jewish books loaded, and just never seemed to pick them. I’m not sure whether I should re-evaluate this goal and modify it, or keep slogging through, but I am going to let this one lie and decide next month, after I see how June goes.

Goal 3: Read a Boom of Daily Essays

A pass on this one. I continue to work my way through The Book of Jewish Values by Joseph Telushkin.

Goal 4: Read More French

Fail! I might reassess this one next month too, when I hit the six-month mark of my little project/

Goal 5: Spend Less Money

Pass! I have yet to spend a done this year on ebooks, other than four I bought with an Amazon gift card balance.

So that was my month! Happy reading, everyone!

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