Michael Hart

The following is an obituary Of Michael Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg, who died yesterday. Its author has dedicated it to the public domain, which allows me to reprint it here:

Editor’s Note: obituary is omitted as it is reprinted in full in the post below

The best way to honor Hart’s life, I think, is to dedicate one or more works to the public domain. I have just dedicated my Ph. D. Dissertation to the public domain: Hot Electron Resistance and Magnetoresistance in High Purity Gallium Arsenide. And this blog post, too, is hereby dedicated to the public domain. That means you can take it apart, copy pieces of it, remix it, make a Youtube video from it, perform it as a dance, even pretend that you wrote it, instead of me. And that would be OK with me and Michael Hart. Go crazy.

Via Go to Hellman


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