Book Riot has a great post about two writers they say are ‘killing it’ on Twitter. What are these authors doing right? Here are some keywords I plunked from the article:

They are ‘creating a community’ for their readers.

 Very little ‘self-promotion’Twitter
 ‘Funny … but never snarky’
 ‘Warm and personable … responds to people’
 Doesn’t ‘exist exclusively on transmit’
 Feed is ‘mostly replies and retweets’
 ‘Makes an effort to contribute to larger discussions’
 Feels like ‘part of who she is … not like a sales pitch’
 ‘Charming and self-deprecating’

So, if all of this could be summed up into a strategy, it would be this:

Twitter is about the follower, not the tweeter. And that was an interesting conclusion for me. All of these points were about inviting the reader in—create a good online personality to invite the followers in, and then engage with them, and they will naturally check out your stuff for sale.

Craft a sales message to try and sucker people in, and there will be no compelling reason for them to follow you once they have either made their purchase, or rejected it.

Food for thought!

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