Amazon Kindle PaperwhiteDid anyone else notice the fantastic Kindle Paperwhite infographic that ran in the New York Times‘ Business section on December 26? It appears to have been a dual effort on the part of tech reporter Brian X. Chen and graphics editor Frank O’Connell; the latter put together an equally gorgeous infographic about the Lytro camera back in February.

We’ve reproduced a portion of the graphic for you below, but in order to access the “info” aspect of the feature, you’ll need to click here to visit the Times‘ site.

The piece essentially explains how the Paperwhite’s “unique lighting system” works: “Rather than using a backlight as on LCD-based tablets,” Chen explains, “the Paperwhite uses a transparent light guide that directs light from four edge-mounted LEDs down toward the surface of the display.”


 How the Kindle Paperwhite Works, infographic, Frank O'Connell and Brian X. Chen


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