last unicornHere’s a quick update on a story I posted a month and a half ago: the inaugural batch of Peter S. Beagle e-books that had originally been intended to be available in the Kindle store as of October 1 had to be delayed to November 1. However, Connor Cochran has just posted to Facebook that he has just finished publishing them to the Kindle store, and they should be available for pre-order within a few more hours.

This will mark the first time The Last Unicorn has been available for electronic purchase since its inclusion in a Humble Bundle in 2013, and the first time a number of other Beagle novels and story collections have been available electronically at all.

(The special edition of the Two Hearts paper book has also been delayed, but it should only be a few more weeks or months for that, too.)

Quite coincidentally, it is also Cochran’s birthday today (Thursday the 15th), so be sure to wish him a happy one!


  1. Dear Steve:

    On 9/6 you received a customer service email from us with a complete update on WRITING SAREK, We offered you a refund and you opted to continue to wait while Peter and Jon Zilber continued their process. Before that we have regularly updated you and the handful of people who placed advance orders by email and through the company’s newsletters. I’m not certain how much more we can do.

    Given your tone here just a few weeks later I think it best that we simply send you your $33.25 refund. You can always re-order the book when Peter and Jon finally finish and we get it out there. Please email the company your current address, or else confirm that you are still on Taffy Lane in Orleans.

    All best,

    Connor Cochran

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