The Biblio File!The first E-Book roundtable episode of The Biblio File has been completed. I was joined by Jon Noring of Teleread and the E-Book Community mailing list, author Mary Tyler (Dejah from the E-Book Community), and Jane Litte of (Marion Gropen was with us before the show started, but was called away before we could begin.) We discussed a number of general e-book related topics, such as why e-books haven’t been more widely adopted, e-book versus print price points, giving e-books away to sell more print books, the Google Books commotion, the “Tower of E-Babel,” and the multiple competing “open e-book” standards.

To listen to the discussion, simply visit The Biblio File, right-click on the blue download link next to the episode, and choose Save As to save a copy of the file to your computer, or click the orange “Listen” button next to the episode to stream it.

We had a great time and a fascinating conversation, and would love to do it again!


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