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From an article in Me and My Kindle:

Friday Amazon made a special announcement, to reveal the best-selling Kindle author of all time. It’s Suzanne Collins, the author of the Hunger Games trilogy (and the Underland Chronicles, a fantasy series for children). But she’s achieved some even more amazing milestones in Amazon’s Kindle Store, as Amazon shared more statistics about the author’s massive audience. And it’s all happened extremely fast, since Collins first published The Hunger Games just three and a half years ago!

Take a look at the article, as the author chronicles Collins rise to the 100 most highlighted passages of all time, beating out Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.


  1. Good timing on people looking for a new series, a recommendation from a certain well-known author, and, I really think this played a role, no Agency pricing getting in the way of promoting the book.

    I’m not trying to discount the author or the story in any way, but it seems as though there is a lesson to be learned about allowing the book sellers the freedom to promote books.

    (For myself, I read through them because of a word-of-mouth recommendation, knowledge that this series was only going to capped at three books, and the $3 (or whatever) pricing for the first in the series.)

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