Back in mid-June, we posted a press release that introduced you to BookBoon.com, a London-based online publisher that offers free open-access textbooks for students.

We heard from BookBoon again this morning; apparently the company recently asked roughly 10,000 students about their preferences between digital textbooks and printed textbooks. According to BookBoon, 2,164 respondents were students based in the U.S.

Even more interesting: BookBoon transformed the survey’s results into a few different blog-friendly infographics; the results of the U.S.-based students responses are illustrated in the graphic below. Directly beneath that is a second infographic that displays the results of the UK-based students who responded to the survey. Click here to see the Dutch students’ results.

And for any of you textbook-buying students who’d prefer something a bit more substantive, you might try reading this recent how-to piece from the Wall Street Journal, titled “Avoiding the Sting Of Rising Textbook Prices.”

57.8% of U.S. students prefer digital textbooks

41% of UK students prefer digital textbooks