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Our Valentines’s Day erotica e-reading survey results are in
February 21, 2013 | 11:46 am

Back on Valentine's Day (one week ago today), contributing writer Juli Monroe put together a just-for-fun survey that we hoped would tell us at least a little bit about the erotica e-reading habits of our audience. And the results are in! * * * Just under 40 percent of the survey's respondents (there were 31 in total) fessed up to buying blue lit in its electronic version as a way to hide their reading habits from others. This question's solitary "other" respondent said, "No, but I have downloaded free samples or free books." * * * Again, more "no" responses than "yes" for question number...

For Valentine’s Day, an erotica e-reading survey
February 14, 2013 | 4:54 pm

It’s Valentine’s Day, and what better day to talk about e-books and romance? Or to be more specific, e-books and erotica. E-books have been very good for the erotica genre. Even the Wall Street Journal thinks so. Why? Because women can now read books they’d otherwise be ashamed to be seen reading in public. No more blushing! After all, would you want your seatmate on the subway to know you were reading Fifty Shades of Grey? I didn’t think so. Erotica and digital reading have had other unique pairings lately. Who would have thought, for instance, that e-books (especially erotica books) could have...

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