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UPS driver throws Android tablet away on delivery
December 16, 2013 | 6:15 pm

trashcan_610x306Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up. CNet has the story of a UPS driver who was delivering an Archos 7 Android tablet to a house with a steep, iced-over driveway. Rather than attempting to walk up to the door and put it in a safe place, he left the tablet in the trash can at the base of the driveway. The trash can was empty, so perhaps the driver thought the trash had already been picked up. But it hadn’t. However, it had been by the time the lady who’d ordered the tablet got home! After the...

UPS Guy Steals an iPad Mini That FedEx Had Just Delivered
December 21, 2012 | 10:53 am

Just to be 100 percent clear from the jump, the infuriating bit of news in this post doesn't directly have anything at all to do with e-books or e-reading. But I'd guess that the majority of us here have ordered expensive electronic devices online in the past—devices that have to be shipped via FedEx or UPS or DHL. And considering that the holiday season is now in full swing, who isn't coming home from work each day to find a small mountain of brown cardboard boxes waiting on the stoop? (No one actually does their holiday shopping in stores anymore, right?) But I digress....

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