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Can we trust that selfie?
April 4, 2014 | 2:21 pm

What an honor! Thanks for the #selfie, @BarackObama — David Ortiz (@davidortiz) April 1, 2014 Twice in the last month, two popular selfies were torpedoed across social media. First, it was Ellen DeGeneres’ picture at the Oscars and, most recently, Boston Red Sox’s David Ortiz took a selfie with President Barack Obama. The Red Sox visited the White House on Wednesday to celebrate their World Series victory last year, as all professional sports team do in this country. Ortiz’s selfie generated plenty of attention even more than a day after it was taken because it was revealed that it was a big marketing...

Amtrak Residency Program begins taking applications from writers
March 9, 2014 | 3:49 am

zephyrAs was promised a few days ago, the application process for the Amtrak Residency Program has opened up. Amtrak discusses it in a blog post, and links to the actual application form. Up to 24 writers will be chosen for the first batch of residencies, taking place from March 17, 2014 through March 31, 2015. The application form asks why you want an Amtrak Residency, and how it would benefit your writing, and gives you 1,000 characters to answer each question. Then it asks you to upload a sample of your work, of up to 24 megabytes in size....

Anne Rice, other authors sign petition asking Amazon to take action against forum trolls, bullies
March 4, 2014 | 7:35 pm

greenblackboardEarlier today I talked about the Twitter flamewar that led to Jonathan Ross stepping down from hosting the Hugos. However, Twitter isn’t the only place you’ll find people behaving badly on the Internet. The Guardian reports that author Anne Rice is taking a stand against abusive anonymous comments posted on Amazon. She’s gotten a petition together with nearly a thousand signatures asking that Amazon enforce its own community standards against anonymous trolls and flamers who post hectoring attacks against authors and other commenters. We’ve reported on complaints about people using the “one-star nuclear option” for reviewing products whose publisher...

The vitriol of Twitter: How social media torpedoed Jonathan Ross hosting the Hugos
March 4, 2014 | 1:12 pm

Twitter as kid with red crayonHere’s an interesting article from The Nation about problems the feminist movement is having in discussions on Twitter. The fundamental problem is “intersectionality”: people in the feminist movement are other things besides “just” female—they’re rich or poor, they’re white or minority, and so on—and people at one end of a spectrum find things to be angry at the people on the other end about, even though they ostensibly share a common cause. And this anger is compounded by the Twitter discussion medium, whose short bite-sized chunks can lead to a spectacularly toxic environment. I don’t really have anything to...

Morning Roundup: Bad Tech Habits To Break, Is Anyone Reading Your Tweets and more
December 24, 2013 | 9:00 am

bad tech habits14 Bad Tech Habits To Break In 2014 (Forbes) Thanks to smartphones, cloud technology and social networks, we can take the Internet with us everywhere these days. The down side–we can take the Internet with us everywhere these days. *** (Almost) No One Is Reading Your Tweets (All Things D) Do you like to post things on Twitter? That’s cool. As long you’re cool with the idea that almost no one will read what you type. *** Tablets Are Becoming More Important Than Smartphones For Online Shopping, But Retailers Aren't Ready (Business Insider) This year will mark a major milestone for tablets and their influence on Internet...

The Original Christmas, Twitter Style
December 14, 2013 | 10:35 am

twitterEditor’s Note: This is somewhat modified from Dan’s original version. Since social media consulting is my other hat, I tweaked it a bit to add a bit more Twitter-centric style. The essence is all his, however. Enjoy! What would the original Christmas have been like if Twitter had existed? Here's what we at TeleRead think it might have looked like. ;) @FirstWiseMan: Stars out tonight in brilliant night sky @SecondWiseMan: RT @FirstWiseMan: Stars out tonight in brilliant night sky <--Don't forget to mention Bethelem @3WiseMan: Three words to sum it up:  We. Are. Astounded. @FirstWiseMan: RT @3WiseMan: Three words to sum it up:  #WeAreAstounded @FirstPasserby: What's...

Twitter journalist damages award reaffirms independent content creators’ rights
November 25, 2013 | 4:19 pm

A US federal jury has just found media companies Agence France-Presse and Getty Images guilty of wilful violation of the Copyright Act by lifting photos of the 2010 Haiti earthquake from the Twitter account of Haitian photojournalist Daniel Morel, and awarded him $1.2 million in damages. The case hinged on the question of actual wilful appropriation of the images, by copying and redistributing rather than just retweeting the independent content. According to the Reuters article on the case, AFP picked Morel's pictures out of the Twitter stream from another user account and passed them to Getty, which then redistributed them to...

Weekend Roundup: The Onion Goes Digital Only, Twitter Worried About Losing Control of the Word “Tweet” and more
November 10, 2013 | 10:15 am

the onionSatirical Newspaper The Onion Goes Strictly Digital (GoodeReader) After twenty-five years of providing satirical headlines, articles, and features, some of them meant to take a stab at politics or religion, others simply intended to be pointlessly funny, The Onion will no longer be available in print. *** Amazon Publishing: More Than Bricks & Mortar (Publishers Weekly) Daphne Durham, who is stepping into the role of publisher for Amazon’s adult trade and children’s imprints as Larry Kirshbaum departs, said the company is “delighted” with the sales performance of the unit’s titles to date. *** Is Twitter Worried About Losing Control Over the Word 'Tweet?' (Techdirt) IPKat points out...

Want to promote that ebook? Do Facebook
November 3, 2013 | 11:44 am

facebookFirst let me state that I have no shares in Facebook or personal interest in promoting Mark Zuckerberg. But I thought I'd share the new Mashable/Statista/Shareaholic data on traffic from social networks to publishers. After all, it looks like everyone else is sharing - on Facebook most of all. "Facebook Drives the Most Traffic to Publishers, Beating Twitter and Reddit," reads the Mashable headline. And before you get too excited, the publishers they have in mind are online content publishers managing websites, not the book publisher kind. That said, the information is valuable to anyone using social networks to promote their...

Weekend Roundup: Growth in Brazilian ebook market, Twitter marries TV and more
October 20, 2013 | 11:06 am

twitterWhy Getting Married to the TV Industry May Not be the Road to Success that Twitter is Hoping For (GigaOM) Twitter is banking on its status as a “second screen” for TV content to drive a lot of the value it is promising as part of its public offering — but what if that value turns out to be a mirage? *** WHSmith Boycotts Self-Published Authors (GoodeReader) WHSmith has announced that their online bookstore will reopen once all self-published materials have been removed. The store closed early last week due to UK Press reporting on a staggering number of digital books about incest, rape,...

Jonathan Franzen Cries Foul on Social Media On-air
October 3, 2013 | 5:10 pm

Apparently keen to consolidate his position as technophobes' favorite literary curmudgeon, Jonathan Franzen has taken another swing at social media and its invidious demands on that poor besieged figure, the author. As reported in Britain's The Bookseller, Franzen claimed on BBC Radio 4's Today program that young American writers were feeling "absolutely coerced into this constant self-promotion" by agents who insisted that they spend their time upping their Twitter follower count rather than developing their craft. Franzen also complained that the same young writers were  missing out on lost opportunities to earn freelance bucks as social media steals away those formerly...

Morning Roundup: Goodreads announces new policy, Intern bill of rights; more
September 23, 2013 | 10:25 am

Goodreads Announces New Policy: Now Deletes Reviews Which Mention Author Behaviour (The Digital Shift) Goodreads has long been struggling to decide between the opposing needs of reader/reviewers and of authors, and today the latter group has finally won out. *** Firms Sign on to 'Intern Bill of Rights' Amid Ongoing Unpaid Labour Fights (GigaOM) InternMatch, a start-up that helps students find internships, is calling on companies to sign a “Bill of Rights’ that promises fair treatment and paid or meaningful work. Some big names are signing on. *** Digital is New Salvation for European Newspapers (GoodeReader) European newspapers have often been shielded by the same issues plaguing...