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Kindle Quick Tips: How to Organize Your Free E-Books
January 18, 2013 | 3:23 pm

Do you like to "buy" lots of free books, but you don't want them all downloaded to your Kindle? Not a problem. Try this. 1. Install Kindle for PC (or Mac) on your computer. 2. When you "buy" a free book, have it sent to your Kindle desktop app instead of your Kindle 3. Select a Collection category for your new book You can import all your collections from your Kindle, just like in the screenshot below, so you won't lose any of your organization.  When you're ready for a new book, browse your collections on your computer, select a new book and go to...

Kindle FreeTime workaround for non-Amazon books
January 16, 2013 | 10:00 am

An interesting question popped up last month on Kindleboards. A mom wanted to set up FreeTime—the app included on Kindle Fire HD that allows parents to create a customized content experience—for her son on the Fire HD. A lot of his books were not purchased from Amazon, so when she sent them to the Fire, they were classified as "personal documents" and didn't show up under any of the FreeTime tabs. She converted the books to EPUB, side-loaded an EPUB reader and figured that would fix it. Nope. Sideloaded apps also don't show up on FreeTime. She called Amazon Customer Service, and...

IFTTT recipes for ebook users
August 30, 2012 | 7:30 am

IFTTT is an awesome tool, which lets users automate several daily web tasks. Some of them are related to e-books, and I'll list them in this post. The name is an acronym for "if this then that" ... which is a decent explanation of what, exactly, the service can do for you. For example: If there's a new item on my Pinterest board, then upload it to a specific Facebook photo album. If I shared a new photo on Instagram, then download this photo to Dropbox. If there's a new free app of the week on iTunes, then send me an email. There are a...

A Look at Kindle Daily Deal’s First Year – facts, tips and commentary
August 29, 2012 | 1:05 pm

Kindle Daily DealA year ago, on August 24, 2011, the Kindle Daily Deal was launched. The first featured book was The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo. Yesterday' price - $5.59, today's discount - $4.20, Kindle Daily Deal price - $1.39. Since that time, the discount mantra comes back every night around 12:00 AM, Pacific time. It's interesting to observe how Kindle Daily Deal is doing and how it evolves, as it is Amazon's important tool in turning Kindle owners from occasional users into frequent visitors. What's more important: frequent visitors who buy a lot more than just e-books from Daily Deal. In October of last...

GenCon panel: Michael Stackpole on self-publishing in a post-paper world
August 9, 2011 | 12:36 pm

stackpoletalkThis is my coverage of Michael Stackpole’s presentation on how writers can take advantage of the e-publishing revolution. Stackpole does charge for this talk (it was $8 at GenCon; he will be giving it again at DragonCon in September), and gives it at a number of conventions. It was a very interesting panel, and more than worth the admission fee. If you’re in the area of DragonCon, or any other convention where Stackpole is speaking, I strongly encourage you to go. In deference to his need to earn a living, I will condense my detailed notes down to general...

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