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Essay: Electronic Devices on Planes: Is the madness nearly over?
March 20, 2013 | 8:30 pm

TSABy Stephen Silver Of the many constant pet peeves associated with modern-day air travel--from inexplicable delays to intrusive security measures to really, really bad food--I think the one that bothers me most is needing to turn off electronic devices during landing and takeoff. This was bad enough years ago, when the flashing of the “turn off electronic devices” sign meant needing to turn off your Discman before you finished listening to your Barenaked Ladies CD. Now, in the age of the smartphone and tablet, it’s downright oppressive. Roughly eight out of 10 people I’ve seen on airplanes in the last two years...

Godspeed, Google Reader (Essay)
March 16, 2013 | 2:00 pm

Google ReaderBy Stephen Silver Google, as you may have noticed, discontinues stuff all the time. But when it does, my life is usually minimally affected. Remember Google Wave, which was supposed to revolutionize communications? I couldn’t tell you to this day exactly what that was or what it was supposed to do, and I just sort of shrugged when Google killed it in 2010. Google Viewer, Google Checkout, Google Health, GOOG-411, Froogle, Knol… these were all things I rather never used, or used once or twice and decided they weren’t for me. That’s part of what makes this week’s announcement of the impending...

How Instapaper Ruined Me as a Reader
November 27, 2012 | 3:45 pm

By Stephen Silver | for Entertainment Tell I used to read books and magazines. Really, I did. I’ve subscribed to Sports Illustrated for as long as I’ve known how to read, and prided myself for most of my life on how many books I could read, and on how full my bookshelf was. Heck,  I even used to read a newspaper on a semi-regular basis. Thanks to the digital revolution, sadly, those days are over in my house. Downstairs, I’ve got a stack of magazines eight inches high; upstairs, my stack of unread books is taller than both of my children. No, I...

CEA: Tablet ownership in the U.S. has doubled in one year
November 4, 2012 | 9:30 am

CEA Report Consumer Outlook on Tablets  By Stephen Silver | for The ownership rate of tablet computers in the U.S. has reached 31 percent as of last month, more than doubling the number for this time last year. That's according to the latest version of the Consumer Electronics Association's tablet rankings. The Consumer Outlook on Tablets: Q4 2012 found that two thirds of respondents who are online "expect to purchase a tablet sometime in the future," with 45 percent of those expecting to do so in the next two years. "The tablet market continues to see incredible growth and is showing no signs of slowing down," Kevin Tillmann, a senior...

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