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Can we trust that selfie?
April 4, 2014 | 2:21 pm

What an honor! Thanks for the #selfie, @BarackObama — David Ortiz (@davidortiz) April 1, 2014 Twice in the last month, two popular selfies were torpedoed across social media. First, it was Ellen DeGeneres’ picture at the Oscars and, most recently, Boston Red Sox’s David Ortiz took a selfie with President Barack Obama. The Red Sox visited the White House on Wednesday to celebrate their World Series victory last year, as all professional sports team do in this country. Ortiz’s selfie generated plenty of attention even more than a day after it was taken because it was revealed that it was a big marketing...

Morning Roundup: Irish poetry crawl, Building a better Amazon Prime and more
March 17, 2014 | 9:00 am

irish poetry crawlSocial Media Editors in the Newsroom: What the Job is Really Like (Media Shift) Monday through Friday, Scott Kleinberg’s alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. The Chicago Tribune social media editor then begins combing the web for news and trends, catching up on anything that happened while he was sleeping. *** A Irish Poetry Crawl for St Patrick's Day (Book Riot) We’re taking you on a good old-fashioned Irish poetry crawl, but for this experience you won’t have to leave your chair or lift a pint—unless you want to go grab a Guinness and drink along. *** Have a Layover? Hit the Library (NY Times) The Free...

Facebook: authors need to rethink strategy in light of latest changes
January 23, 2014 | 12:18 pm

Authors will have to re-think how they use Facebook. The social media company announced its changing the way updates from brand Pages will appear in Facebook feeds. Many authors have fan pages instead of profiles and will need to adjust based on the new algorithms, according to a post from Facebook. Facebook’s Chris Turitzin, a product manager, said that it saw text status updates from Pages didn’t get as much attention as status updates from friends. We are learning that posts from Pages behave differently to posts from friends and we are working to improve our ranking algorithms so that we do a...

Self-promotion for 2014′s New Year resolution?
January 9, 2014 | 10:17 am

self-promotionA couple of interesting posts have emerged to kick off the New Year with some useful insights on promotion for self-published authors. The upshot is that self-promotion for self-publishing is more essential than ever before - but also that it doesn't have to be the blight on a writer's life or on cultural values that the likes of Jonathan Franzen periodically portray it as. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="320"] Writer at work[/caption] On his "Let's Get Visible" blog, David Gaughran states simply: "If You Don’t Enjoy Marketing, You’re Doing It Wrong." In his view, there's nothing so odious about new model promotional methods. His...

Zola Books acquires social media site Bookish
January 7, 2014 | 12:15 pm

bookishThe social media site Bookish has been acquired by Zola Books, Publishers Weekly reported on Monday. The site went live in 2013 backed by three of the five big publishers: Hachette, Penguin, and Simon & Schuster. Zola founder and CEO Joe Regal told PW: "Zola and Bookish share a vision of a richer reader experience, connecting readers to their favorite books, authors, tastemakers they trust, and of course to other readers. E-books are becoming personal social networks. Not only can we can read them on phones and devices that we carry with us, but we can also share and comment right inside the...

Morning Roundup: Grinch Who Stole Public Domain, Best Social Media Tools For Journalists
January 2, 2014 | 9:00 am

public domainThe Grinch Who Stole the Public Domain (Techdirt) As they do every year, unfortunately, the good folks at the Center for the Study of the Public Domain at Duke have put together a depressing list of what should have entered the public domain yesterday. *** The Year's Best Social Media Tools for Journalists (Media Shift) The more that journalists use social media, the more tools pop up to help them search multiple platforms at once, showcase content in a new way, follow social media chatter by location and more. *** Journalist Ann Morgan Read a Book From Every Country (GalleyCat) British journalist Ann Morgan has accomplished a...

The Original Christmas, Twitter Style
December 14, 2013 | 10:35 am

twitterEditor’s Note: This is somewhat modified from Dan’s original version. Since social media consulting is my other hat, I tweaked it a bit to add a bit more Twitter-centric style. The essence is all his, however. Enjoy! What would the original Christmas have been like if Twitter had existed? Here's what we at TeleRead think it might have looked like. ;) @FirstWiseMan: Stars out tonight in brilliant night sky @SecondWiseMan: RT @FirstWiseMan: Stars out tonight in brilliant night sky <--Don't forget to mention Bethelem @3WiseMan: Three words to sum it up:  We. Are. Astounded. @FirstWiseMan: RT @3WiseMan: Three words to sum it up:  #WeAreAstounded @FirstPasserby: What's...

Social media focuses on China’s Nov. 23 ‘day of infamy’
December 11, 2013 | 11:06 am

social mediaFar away from the North American continent, China has been doing some saber rattling lately, and on social media has been on it. While most Americans have no idea what is going on between China and Japan and could care less, what with Thanksgiving gorging/shopping just over and Christmas shopping up next, the future of Western civilization may be at stake. I'm not joking. I write this just 100 miles away from China's coast where 1800 missiles are primed and ready to fire at Taiwan, should this island nation make any mis-steps on this issue. But social media, thank God, is...

Want to promote that ebook? Do Facebook
November 3, 2013 | 11:44 am

facebookFirst let me state that I have no shares in Facebook or personal interest in promoting Mark Zuckerberg. But I thought I'd share the new Mashable/Statista/Shareaholic data on traffic from social networks to publishers. After all, it looks like everyone else is sharing - on Facebook most of all. "Facebook Drives the Most Traffic to Publishers, Beating Twitter and Reddit," reads the Mashable headline. And before you get too excited, the publishers they have in mind are online content publishers managing websites, not the book publisher kind. That said, the information is valuable to anyone using social networks to promote their...

Morning Roundup: Kids Get Social Media “Eraser,” Kobo Bringing eReading to Spain and more
October 10, 2013 | 9:04 am

social media California Kids Get Social Media 'Eraser'---But it Might Not Work (The Digital Shift) Kids in California now have the legal right to erase their social media posts—a positive step toward giving them greater control over their online identities, or is it? *** Seeking a Path Toward Open Access for Books (The Scholarly Kitchen) A friend recently asked me to give some thought as to how to devise a financially sustainable program to make books open access (OA).  This is not an easy problem. *** Kobo to Bring e-Readers and eBooks to Spain via La Central Bookstores (GoodeReader) Kobo has just inked a new partnership with La Central...

Franzen, Social Media and the ‘Career’ Writer
October 8, 2013 | 12:06 pm

writer-1 Last week, Teleread posted a write-up on a story making the rounds about novelist Jonathan Franzen. Franzen was complaining about the growing push toward authors participating in, or outright handling directly, their own publicity and social media. From the article: "Franzen claimed on BBC Radio 4′s Today program that young American writers were feeling 'absolutely coerced into this constant self-promotion' by agents who insisted that they spend their time upping their Twitter follower count rather than developing their craft. Franzen also complained that the same young writers were missing out on lost opportunities to earn freelance bucks as social media steals...

Jonathan Franzen Cries Foul on Social Media On-air
October 3, 2013 | 5:10 pm

Apparently keen to consolidate his position as technophobes' favorite literary curmudgeon, Jonathan Franzen has taken another swing at social media and its invidious demands on that poor besieged figure, the author. As reported in Britain's The Bookseller, Franzen claimed on BBC Radio 4's Today program that young American writers were feeling "absolutely coerced into this constant self-promotion" by agents who insisted that they spend their time upping their Twitter follower count rather than developing their craft. Franzen also complained that the same young writers were  missing out on lost opportunities to earn freelance bucks as social media steals away those formerly...