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17% of U.S. Adults Read E-Books, but Only 11% Bought, says Simba Information survey
April 11, 2012 | 11:20 am

Images From the press release: Publishing forecast firm Simba Information has released the highly anticipated fourth edition of its flagship Trade E-Book Publishing report series and estimates 17% of U.S. adults have read at least one e-book in 2011, up from the 11% who did so in 2010. In keeping with the report's tradition of measuring the commitment individual adults have to e-books, the percentage of adults who bought e-books was shown to be 11% of adults -- up from 9%. "The e-book market is expanding, but the gap between 'users' and 'buyers' grew more than expected in 2011," said Michael Norris, senior...

Physical bookstores serve as a conduit to ebooks
September 1, 2011 | 9:26 am

448273 MRDC Simba H So says a report from Simba Information.  From the press release: A recent report by media and publishing forecast firm Simba Information found that even though bookstores have lost some of their customer base over the years, the channel feeds into the e-book universe by serving as a 'book showroom' for the roughly 10% of U.S. adults who buy e-books. "Believing that adults will begin taking to e-books in large numbers because of Borders' liquidation is a dangerous assumption," said Michael Norris, senior analyst of Simba Information's Trade Books Group, commenting on the report. "Since most adults buy books...

Simba Information study: 35% of iPad owners don’t read ebooks
November 19, 2010 | 2:51 pm

download.jpegThat's what Yahoo! Finance is reporting today. The study was based on a nationwide survey of over 1.800 respondents. "The fact that over a million iPad buyers haven't used the gadget for e-books shows that not all new gadgets equate to a new e-reader," says Michael Norris, senior trade book analyst at Simba Information. "Research has already shown us that with multi-use devices, reading falls down on the list of things to do." ... "It isn't likely the U.S. market can support scores of dedicated e-book reading devices since so many consumers only buy a small number of books in...

iPad and Kindle’s real competition is the PC says survey
April 15, 2010 | 11:00 am

simba.jpgThat's what Simba Information, a market research firm specializing in publishing and media, is reporting. According to their survey of over 1,880 adults, 68% of ebook readers used the PC as the most frequently used device to read books. "There's a mistaken belief that consumers are the most interested in dedicated reading devices, but it's not true," said Michael Norris, senior analyst of Simba Information, commenting on the report. "Since we know most book consumers only purchase a tiny number of titles in a given year, you could assume a $300 gadget to read a $6 paperback doesn't make sense...

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