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Parsing the Amazon Best-Seller Lists
May 22, 2015 | 10:25 am

amazon best seller listNow that my first book  is up at the Kindle store, I have been reading a ton about Amazon rankings, trying to tweak the category listing for my title to give it broader exposure. I knew the book was not going to be a best-seller. It is a niche category, and I knew that. But it was a book I wanted to read myself, so I figured it would be a good test project for me to learn the ins and outs of the Kindle process. The good news: I am beating out my chief competitor. Normally, I am all for...

Morning Links: Vook to relaunch as Pronoun. Change to MacBook Pro
May 20, 2015 | 8:26 am

pronounMy Personal List of What Should be Top-of-Mind for Publishers Around Digital Change Today (Mike Shatzkin) To prepare for DBW 2016, we need to decide what publishers need to be thinking about and learning about next March, when the seventh annual DBW will take place. *** Vook to Relaunch as Free Self-Publishing Platform Pronoun (Digital Book World) The strategy shift comes eight months after acquiring the short-form ebook publisher Byliner and more than a year after buying Booklr, a data and analytics start-up. *** Apple Gives New 15-Inch MacBook Pro a ‘Force Touch’ Trackpad (Plus Other Stuff) (Re/Code) Apple has updated its 15-inch, Retina-display MacBook Pro laptop...

Morning Links: Copyediting or proofreading? FCC to start policing broadband caps
May 14, 2015 | 9:00 am

copy editing or proofreadingBusiness Musings: Burning Bridges (Kristine Kathryn Rusch) A freelance writer needs to be an artist and a businessperson. Sometimes those roles conflict. And sometimes we get put into truly uncomfortable situations. *** Walmart Challenges Amazon with $50 per Year Unlimited Shipping (Re/Code) Walmart is planning to test a new unlimited online shipping service this summer for $50 per year, a move to compete with Amazon’s annual $99 Prime shipping service. *** FCC Might Finally Start Policing Broadband Usage Caps, Unreliable Usage Meters (Techdirt) FCC insiders now say the agency might start policing caps if Comcast begins to expand its usage meter ambitions. *** Copy editing or Proofreading? Getting the...

Morning Links: Judy Blume advocates for library. Books which began as blogs
April 30, 2015 | 9:00 am

judy blumeFour Indie Books That Began as Blogs (IndieReader) Check out this handful of great (gorgeous!) indie books that got their start as blogs. *** Is Agency Ebook Pricing Suppressing Sales? Hard to Say (DBW) The latest monthly data from the Association of American Publishers (AAP), for January 2015, show ebook sales in slump. *** Judy Blume Advocates for the New York Public Library (GalleyCat) Judy Blume has decided to become an advocate for the New York Public Library. Blume considers librarians to be heroes and feels that this institution deserves more funding. *** Kobo to Co-Publish Tell-All eBook on Jian Ghomeshi (Ink, Bits & Pixels) Everyone knows that nothing sells...

Tolino launches self-publishing platform in Germany
April 29, 2015 | 10:25 am

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 8.30.46 AMOne of the leading German digital booksellers has launched a self-publishing platform. Tolino Media is giving indie authors another way to distribute books in Germany, according to Publishing Perspectives. Publishing Perspectives says that Tolino has already attracted a few notable German self-published authors including Elke Bergsma, Nika Lubitsch and Alfred Bekker. The terms of the deal could be a reason why some indie authors may choose Tolino over Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. Tolino offers 70 percent royalties. The books will also be distributed through all of Tolino’s partners, more than 1,000 online bookshops. But it is not limited to just Germany. Tolino has partnerships...

Author Inc, Part 2: Setting up a Specialty Website Account
April 24, 2015 | 10:25 am

download (2)I wrote earlier about my experiences setting myself up as a beginning author on the Kindle store. I found the experience pretty painless, overall. But how does another web store compare? Is it easier, or harder, to set oneself up there? For comparison, here is a recap of my first few days as a seller on the specialty website Teachers Pay Teachers. This website allows teachers to offer free and paid self-created resources for use by other teachers. It has become very popular because they require each seller to offer at least one resource for free, so there are a lot...

Morning Links: Freelance Scramble. Blueprint for digital afterlife
April 23, 2015 | 9:00 am

digital afterlifeThe Freelance Scramble Part Three: The Unthinkable (Kristine Kathryn Rusch) The freelance scramble happens when the cash doesn’t flow the way that a writer expects it too. Longtime freelancers have learned the dance that I call the freelance scramble, which is mostly about replacing expected income with something else. *** How My TV Obsession Got Me Reading Book Series (Book Riot) There were probably a number of factors, but if I had to pin down one thing that sparked my newfound (or rather, refound) enjoyment of serial reading, I’d probably say that it was the precedent set by my obsession with television, beginning a...

My Experience as a KDP Newbie, Part 2: Becoming a Kindle Author
April 20, 2015 | 2:25 pm

kdpI wrote yesterday about my decision to become a Kindle author. I plan to put some of my teaching stuff up down the road, and hope to promote them and make them a side business. But this first book was a passion project and I don't expect to make money on it. It was simply a book I wanted to read myself! And since the work was done anyway, why not share it? The sharing process was both straightforward and fiddly at the same time. Here is what happened when I was ready to get my book uploaded. 1) Setting Up a...

My Experience as a KDP Newbie, Part 1: The Road to a Kindle eBook
April 19, 2015 | 2:25 pm

51RdOJhYSVL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_I have a book which is up at the Kindle store! As I wrote last month, my desire to publish on the Kindle store was one of the reasons I switched my account over to So, what was my first title? And how did it go? 1) My First Title This was an interesting one. Way back in 2012, I wrote about a book I found on the Kindle, wanted enough to pay more than my usual for, and shelled out a massive $18 to secure a Kindle copy. I was bitterly disappointed to find that this very costly book was...

French woman says ‘Happy People Read And Drink Coffee’
April 18, 2015 | 10:25 am

gensAgnes Martin-Lugand wrote a novel in Paris, self-published it in December 2013 and when it caught on with a wide readership, her writing career took off. Now her debut novel "Happy People Read and Drink Coffee" is being translated to English and is set for a Spring 2016 publication date, with The Weinstein Company (TWC) doing the book and adapting it for a Hollywood movie. The French title is ''Les gens heureux lisent et boivent du cafe.'' According to The Wrap in Hollywood, Martin-Lugand's work was ''a self-publishing smash success in France, where the book outsold 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and...

Self-pub star Jasinda Wilder signs traditional book deal
April 8, 2015 | 10:25 am

WilderA popular indie author is going a bit traditional. USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Jasinda Wilder has signed a deal with Berkley Books, a division of Penguin Random House, according to a report in USA Today. The deal is for a trilogy worth seven figures, according to a press release. Madame X, the first book in the trilogy, will be published as a trade paperback on Nov. 3. The trilogy is described as dark, sexy and romantic. Her beginnings were interesting, as were chronicled here on Teleread. She and her husband were in a financial crisis and one of their five...

Morning Links: How other watches compare to Apple Watch. Final Discworld novel
April 8, 2015 | 9:00 am

apple watchHow Other Smartwatches Stack Up to Apple Watch (Re/Code) Smartwatches are quickly evolving from geeky, ugly devices into user-friendly, stylish wrist computers. *** Terry Pratchett’s Final Discworld Novel Will Publish September 10 (GalleyCat) The release date for the late Terry Pratchett‘s final novel has been revealed. The Shepherd’s Crown, will be published by Penguin Random House on September 10th. *** 3 Ways For Self-Publishers to Break Into the Public Library Market (The Book Designer) With the gradual disappearance of many retail bookstores, libraries are becoming more important as places where our books can be discovered. *** YouTuber Angry Joe Swears Off Nintendo Videos After The Company Claimed His...

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