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Poetry Breaks the Bank, Doesn’t Bring the Book Backlash
May 16, 2013 | 12:25 pm

Much publicity has surrounded the record prices fetched for poetry manuscripts at an auction held by Bonhams in London as part of The Roy Davids Collection of Poetry, Poetical Manuscripts and Portraits of Poets. The sale made a total of £750,000 ($1,141,550). The draft of Christina Rossetti’s ‘Remember me when I am gone’ fetched £33,650 ($51,217), almost ten times its presale estimate and over twenty times the previous record for her drafts. Modern Brit Philip Larkin’s ‘Love’ fetched £7,500 ($11,415) in his first outing at auction. The news aired on—the website of what was once the Seattle Post-Intelligencer daily newspaper—under the headline ‘Digital Backlash’: “If we need any...

Blogs and newspapers taking on each other’s characteristics
March 22, 2010 | 10:15 am

Here is a pair of articles about electronic journalism that talk about how the print and e-journalism traditions are converging. A Newspaper Turns into Blogs First, James Rainey at the Los Angeles Times has a story about a newspaper that has turned into a blog. One year ago, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer entirely shut down its print edition, laid off most of its staff, and made a transition to on-line content only. Now the Post-Intelligencer has become a site where reporters and citizen-journalists alike can blog about local news and other things that are important to them...

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