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Factory-Refurbished 8-Inch Nook HD Android Tablet now $70 on eBay
October 25, 2013 | 12:32 pm

GEDC1556 Remember that 8” Nook HD refurb I got a couple of months ago? An eBay seller has a “limited quantity” of factory-refurbished units available at the amazing price of $70 each. (Just over 1,900 had been sold by the time I wrote this.) You can add a two-year SquareTrade warranty for another $17. (Update: The price went up to $80 after 2,000 units were sold. Still a great bargain, though.) As I’ve written elsewhere, this is a great little Android tablet. Maybe not so much if you stick with the stock B&N operating system, which will give you Google Play but...

Refurbished Nook Simple Touch: $40 on eBay
September 24, 2013 | 4:48 am

If you’re looking for a good cheap e-reader, an eBay seller is running a $40 with free shipping special on refurbished Nook Simple Touch units. This is B&N’s 2011 model, a 6” 800x600 unlit Pearl e-ink reader that can do EPUB, including Barnes & Noble’s and Adobe Digital Editions’ DRM. It has 2 GB of onboard storage, plus an SD card slot for loading more media. If you’re invested in Barnes & Noble’s content ecosystem (for example, you have a lot of e-books from eReader/Fictionwise that got imported to B&N after it shut those stores down), or just want something...

Moofi offers several refurbished Android tablets at rock-bottom prices
September 15, 2013 | 9:26 am

Fullscreen capture 9152013 81842 AM.bmpWoot’s multi-day deals store, moofi, is offering several deals on open-box or refurbished Android tablets right now, ranging from the ultra-cheap to the potentially-interesting. At the low end, we have the refurbished 7” or 8” Polaroid tablet, sporting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, for $50 or $60 respectively plus $5 shipping. With an 800x480 capacitive touchscreen, a 1GHz Cortex processor, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB internal storage, and 32 GB SD card slot, a front-facing camera, and Wi-Fi (of course), the specs are basically identical to the $90 ZeePad I used to have; I expect Polaroid probably got...

New Nexus 7 to be announced today, already for sale on Best Buy website
July 24, 2013 | 7:17 am

nexus7Here’s a price listing for you to watch over the next few days. Wal-Mart has the old Nexus 7 tablet on sale, refurbished, $150 for the 16-gig version. Why watch it? Because Google is highly expected to announce the new Nexus 7 today. In fact, Best Buy already has it up for pre-order at $229 for the 16-gig, $269 for the 32-gig version. If that happens, the old one might just get even cheaper. The specs for the new one look pretty good. 1920x1200, which means it should do 1080p video. Android 4.3, so the newest of the new...

Apple apparently opens refurbished outlet on eBay
November 19, 2012 | 11:04 pm

ebay-logoIt’s not clear whether Apple is doing this or it’s just someone who’s cut a deal with them (both 9to5Mac and CNet asked Apple for clarification, but the company apparently hasn’t responded yet), but an eBay store entitled “refurbished outlet” has opened up, selling factory-refurbished Apple products at the same prices (including some 4th-gen iPod Touches at the bargain prices I noted a couple of weeks ago) and with the same one-year warranty as on the Apple Store. (It’s a buy-it-now only operation, so there’s no bidding.) As a side benefit, only a few states’ residents—California, Indiana, Nevada, New Jersey,...

Refurbished 4th generation iPod Touch on bargain sale
November 8, 2012 | 9:15 pm

If you’re looking for a handily pocketable e-reader and wouldn’t feel dirty giving money to Apple, CNet points out that Apple is running a pretty good deal on refurbished 4th-generation (the model from two years ago) iPod Touch units. The 8 GB version is available for $129 shipped (it costs $199 new), the 32 GB version is $179 ($229 new), and the 64 GB version is $229 (not available new). While these aren’t the latest model, with the 16:9 screen, Lightning connector, and better rear-facing camera, they do have Retina-resolution screens, FaceTime cameras, and modern operating systems. I don’t mind saying,...

Refurbished Kindles available cheap at Best Buy
August 7, 2012 | 11:53 pm

If you're currently in the market for a Kindle but happen to be on a strict budget at the same time, head on over to The Digital Reader immediately, where our friend Chris Meadows has a tip on budget-priced refurbished models currently being sold at select Best Buy locations in the United States. Chris says he tracked down a Kindle Touch 3G (with Special Offers) at a Springfield, Mo. store for just $109.99. (It was marked down from $149.99.) He also found the $79.99 base-level Kindle (also with Special Offers) for only $55.99. If you happen to know of specific Best Buy stores in your...

4th-generation iPod Touch sees refurbishment discount
April 17, 2012 | 12:30 am

CNet has a piece about what a good deal the newly-discounted refurbished 4th-gen iPod Touches available at the Apple Store currently are: 8 gig discounted $30 to $169, 32 gig discounted $50 to $249, and 64-gig discounted $60 to $339. These are the models that have the double-resolution Retina Display, and would make great e-readers. If I didn’t have other demands on my money, I might very well scoop one of those up. Another CNet writer has argued that Apple should ditch the iPod Touch, saying that as a brand name the iPod had basically died out. But...

B&N offers refurbished Nook Color + Simple Touch bundle for $149
March 26, 2012 | 11:44 pm

Barnes & Noble is offering an amazing deal via eBay, that I would grab up in a heartbeat if I weren’t $80 overdrawn at the moment: a refurbished Nook Color (the first-generation tablet, not the Nook Tablet) for $129, plus a refurbished Nook Simple Touch for $20 more. It’s not clear how long this deal will last; they’ve already sold 4,000 of them. If you’re interested, you might want to jump in fast. (Found via CNet.)...

Kobo sells refurbished Kobo Wi Fi for $49
December 13, 2011 | 11:48 am

eBookNewser reports that Kobo is selling $49 refurbished units of its Kobo Wi Fi reader, the non-touch-capable e-ink reader that it sold before the Kobo Touch. That’s a savings of $40 over list price. The reader appears to come with Kobo’s one-year standard warranty. I bought one of these readers when it was $60 at Borders’s going-out-of-business sale, and my Dad liked it so much he had me grab one for him, too and set it up for him (and now he uses it all the time). If you’re not interested in buying e-books from Amazon or Barnes...

Amazon slashes prices on refurbished Kindles; new model probably on the way
August 11, 2011 | 12:20 am

In the last few days, Amazon has quietly dropped the price of its refurbished Kindle 3 models. The wi-fi-only ad-free version now sells at $99.99, and the 3G ad-free version at $129.99. That’s a price drop of $30 and $50, respectively. The wi-fi ad-supported Kindle is still $114 new, which means that refurb is starting to look a lot more attractive. In June of last year, Amazon dropped the price of its refurbished Kindle 2s, and the Kindle 3 came out two months later. The time is just about right for the next iteration of the Kindle to be...

Woot offers $265 no-contract Galaxy Tab refurb
May 25, 2011 | 11:46 am

And speaking of tablet deals, Woot has a refurbished Samsung 7” Galaxy Tab Android tablet for $259.99 + $5 for shipping. Of course, you can buy the same tablet for $199.99 with a two-year contract from Sprint, but the refurb is entirely contract-free meaning you can stick with wi-fi or pay for 3G if you want. The Nook Color has been favorably compared to this tablet, albeit with considerably less processing horsepower; this is the chance to own a Tab with no strings for only $10 more than a new Nook Color costs. Like many such deals, it only...

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