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HarperCollins offers authors higher royalties for direct sales
October 2, 2014 | 6:17 pm

harper-collinsOne of the rallying cries of author advocates and Amazon adversaries alike has been that publishers should start selling their books direct to the public instead of letting middle-man Amazon have so much power. Another rallying cry is that publishers should pay authors bigger royalties. Well, Publishers Weekly reports that HarperCollins is combining those two suggestions, in a way—it’s offering authors an additional 10% royalty rate if they use an affiliate link on their web site to sell their book, e-book, or audiobook from HC’s direct sale site. (The PW article isn’t clear on the math; I’m assuming this means...

Why books are no way headed for the dumpbin of history
July 8, 2014 | 12:25 pm

There can be all kinds of disputes about the future form and the proper sales and distribution model of the book, but there is one thing that could certainly kill books stone dead in the long run: if young readers stop reading. Fortunately, there's absolutely no sign of that yet. Not at least according to the latest Publishers Weekly sales rankings for "The Bestselling Books of 2014 (So Far)." According to their data, "Young adult novels reigned over the top halves of the print and Kindle bestseller lists for the first six months of the year. John Green’s unstoppable The Fault...

PW shares fast-growing indie publishers list: Not many dead
March 25, 2014 | 6:25 pm

Think that self-publishing, Amazon and ebooks between them are conspiring to kill off the brave independent publisher? Think again. Publishers Weekly recently shared its breakdown of the "11 companies that made PW’s list of fast-growing independent publishers in 2013," comprehensively demonstrating that there is no sense scapegoating Amazon for the state of the publishing sector. And its rundown also highlights some handy points on what it takes for indie publishers to survive and thrive in these digitally disrupted times. First in line, Oak Press LLC, which started as the personal platform of romance writer Bella Andre, "reported a spike in revenue...

Macmillan offers complete backlist to ebook lending libraries
October 18, 2013 | 2:13 pm

ebook lending librariesMacmillan is putting its backlist in ebook lending libraries. The big publishing house confirmed to Publishers Weekly that more than 11,000 titles will be available through OverDrive, 3M and Baker & Taylor. Frontlist titles are not currently available. Alison Lazarus, president of Macmillan’s sales division, told PW, it was done as part of the publisher’s “ongoing evaluation of e-lending.” Macmillan had made a small group of titles available for e-lending less than a year ago with Minotaur Books imprint, a pilot program for lending e-books. According to PW, there are no reported changes to Macmillan’s model. E-book titles have two years or are borrowed 52 times...

B&N shareholder: “No one is happy with Nook”
September 11, 2013 | 1:24 pm

Barnes & Noble had it annual shareholders meeting on Tuesday in New York City. It went as well as you would expect – in other words, not well at all. B&N chair and founder Len Riggio publically addressed shareholders for the first time since deciding not to purchase half of the company, according to Publishers Weekly. The meeting got a bit heated at one point. From Publishers Weekly: Riggio was genial, confident and expansive with individual shareholders though perhaps a bit testy with the institutional shareholders who pressured him repeatedly over the future of the Nook Media division. The Nook division has been struggling....

Harlequin Looks to Grow Digital Imprints
August 16, 2013 | 12:41 pm

HarlequinSome Harlequin books are going digital-first. Several of the publisher's imprints will release e-books over the coming months, publishing books for a digital audience, according to Publishers Weekly. “In a retail environment that’s increasingly challenging for new and emerging authors, digital publication and promotion allows us to continue to encourage author discovery and growth, bring books to market more quickly, leverage popular digital trends and offer authors an outlet for their nontraditional and ancillary streams,” Loriana Sacilotto, Harlequin's EVP of global editorial told PW. Harlequin Teen will publish a title every other month, beginning with "Stir Me Up" by author Sabrina Elkins on...

Interview: Publishers Weekly senior writer Andrew Richard Albanese discusses the Apple trial
July 29, 2013 | 7:26 pm

After I wrote my review of Publishers Weekly senior writer Andrew Richard Albanese’s (recently updated) e-book The Battle of $9.99 about the DoJ vs. Apple e-book trial, Publishers Weekly offered me a chance to interview Mr. Albanese. I came up with a number of questions and passed them along, and he answered them via email. We are looking into the possibility of further interviews in other formats. But for now, here are Mr. Albanese’s responses to my questions about the trial. In covering the Apple trial, what surprised you the most? This may sound like...

Breaking news analysis? Advantage: E-books!
July 15, 2013 | 8:38 pm

You might remember my review of the Publishers Weekly Kindle Single e-book The Battle of $9.99 a couple of weeks back. The book summarized all the evidence and testimony that had been presented in the Apple e-books trial in a way that was cogent and easy to understand. Today I got word from Publishers Weekly that author Andrew Albanese has gone back and rewritten the end of the book to take into account the recent decision in the case and to ponder what it means for the future of e-books. The revised edition hits e-book stores tomorrow, and will...

Le French Book Does E-Books in Translation
July 10, 2013 | 4:19 pm

Le French BookE-book publisher Anne Trager loves France so much that she's lived there for 27 years. And while she does visit the U.S. from time to time, France is her adopted home away from home. Trager now runs a New York-based e-publishing firm, Le French Book, that releases translations of French novels in English for the North American and UK markets. No real surprise, then, that the backstory of exactly how Le French Book came to be is just as fascinating—and perhaps even more so—than the translated crime and thriller novels her company is now cranking out by the dozens. It happened, more or less,...

The problem with watermarking
July 9, 2013 | 10:38 pm

coyote-caughtRemember SiDiM, that supposedly novel idea for secretly watermarking a text by changing random words in order to be able to tell who leaked it? (“Novel” is right. Tom Clancy’s protagonist in The Hunt for Red October proposed something similar as a way to tell who leaked classified documents.) Cory Doctorow has his turn taking shots at it in his latest Publisher’s Weekly column. Apart from noting that it could be defeated just by comparing two or more different copies of the same text and randomizing the differences, he points out one of the biggest problems with the idea, and...

Smashwords, Publishers Weekly team up for a new bestsellers list
July 3, 2013 | 1:39 pm

SmashwordsDigging through self-published e-books can be tedious, especially given the fact that thousands upon thousands have been published in just the last few years alone. Smashwords, however, has partnered with Publishers Weekly in attempt to make the task easier. PW has announced that it will be running a monthly bestseller list from e-books sold on Smashwords’ platform. The first list, which came this week, featured the top books from May 2013. Smashwords CEO Mark Coker wrote the following on his blog: “Sales data is aggregated from across the global Smashwords distribution network. Our distribution network includes the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony,...

The Apple trial, agency pricing, and The Battle of $9.99
June 21, 2013 | 10:28 pm

large_battle5So, arguments wrapped up today in the Department of Justice’s anti-trust case against Apple. Juli Monroe has already done an excellent job of pulling out some slides from the Powerpoint shows and noting what the wavy lines on the charts mean. Over on Fortune, Philip Elmer-Dewitt covers the arguments in a more general sense, with a summary that is well worth reading. There’s really not much point in reiterating the arguments in great detail here; Elmer-Dewitt does a good enough job, and really nothing new came out today that hasn’t been said over the last couple of weeks. (Also,...

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