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Dylan Thomas: The words set free
August 10, 2013 | 8:00 am

Dylan Thomas (1914-53), whose centenary is this year, lived for only 39 years, but by a lucky accident of timing and copyright, his early death at least ensured that, unlike his near contemporary W. H. Auden (born 1907), his most important and best-loved work is available for free online - in Australia. And in practice, that means to all of us. As Thomas writes in his 1952 foreword to the edition of his "Collected Poems, 1934-1952" available on the Project Gutenberg of Australia website: "This book contains most of the poems I have written, and all, up to the present year,...

Double Book Review: ‘Spook Stories’ and ‘More Spook Stories,’ by E.F. Benson
July 14, 2013 | 7:45 pm

E.F. BensonThis is a review of two connected books by the same very popular author that are not new, but little known in e-book format, thanks to the onerous U.S. copyright term limit that keeps them out of the public domain there. Fortunately, Canada comes to the rescue, as so often, and provides excellent e-book editions of both for download from Project Gutenberg Canada. Edward Frederic Benson (1867–1940) was an enormously prolific English author who wrote in a host of different genres: comedies of manners; serious novels; biographies; essays; sporting books (he was a highly capable athlete); and last but definitely not least,...

My 5 Favorite Sources for DRM-Free E-Books, part 1 of 2
October 20, 2012 | 2:55 pm

Project GutenbergI love DRM-free books! I know that for most people, DRM is an issue they might not think about often; if their books work, they're happy. But for many more experienced e-book users, it's an issue to care about. If you acquire 100 Amazon e-books and then you buy a Kobo, how are you going to read those books? If you spend years as a loyal Sony customer and then buy a Kindle, what will you do with the books you've bought and loved? Unless you are blessed with some technical skills—and either a country whose laws permit format-shifting, or a...

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