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The world’s largest ever indoor photo – and it’s a library
September 29, 2014 | 12:25 pm

One of the most monumental photographs ever made, and still apparently the largest single indoor image (by information density) ever created, is in fact the interior of a library. The Strahov Philosophical Library in Prague dates back to the 18th century, part of an older monastery complex founded in the early Middle Ages, and contains "approximately 200,000 volumes, estimated to hold 260,000 works," as well as rare manuscripts and other treasures. And it's also the subject of a huge 40-gigapixel panoramic view, "the largest indoor Photo in the world as of March 2011," put together from a mosaic of images that...

Photographer explains why piracy is driving him out of business
September 24, 2014 | 10:37 pm

We hear about Internet piracy and its deleterious effect on creators dozens or hundreds of times every year. In most cases, it’s about music, movies, games, or books that are circulating on peer-to-peer. The arguments rage on and on about whether this piracy is a good thing or a bad thing, whether it provides much-needed exposure to the artist and whether any, many, most, or all of the people who pirate the work would actually have paid for it under other circumstances. Odds are, most regular readers of TeleRead or any other media blog can recite most of the arguments...

As first papal ‘selfie’ goes viral, camera extensions add depth
November 14, 2013 | 12:45 pm

camera With the first papal 'selfie' going viral earlier this year, Pope Francis has upped the  ante, and camera selfies  will never be the same. Not only is the word in the dictionary now, selfies are  getting some help from a likely place: Japan. Yes, leave it to the Japanese and their zest for inventiveness. Once again,  they've taken the ubiquitous cellphone camera craze with its massive online inventory of "selfies" shot by people holding the camera phone too close to their faces and taken the concept one step further -- into some ''outer'' space. Not that outer space, but the outer...

The Decline and Fall of the American Newsroom
April 22, 2013 | 12:15 pm

* Editor's Note: The end of this post contains a minor House of Cards spoiler. Photographer Will Steacy has a photo essay on his online portfolio called 'Deadline;' I've seen it pop up on several blogs this past week. In the essay, Steacy memorializes the newsroom of the Philadelphia Inquirer, from their first buyout in 2009 through their move from the iconic 'Tower of Truth' office tower and into a single-floor office at the top of an old department store. Some of the photos, such as the before-and-after of the old newsroom—full of desks and phones and people, and then an empty shell—are...

New 3D-photographic scanner will capture 250 book pages per minute
November 19, 2012 | 9:45 pm

dnp1CNet has a report on a new book scanner (Japanese) from Dai Nippon Printing that takes and corrects three-dimensional images of book pages, allowing for them to be scanned at the amazing rate of 250 pages a minute, meaning that the average book could be captured in little more than two to three minutes tops. This is the result of the scanning development technology we covered in March of last year, created by University of Tokyo professors in the hope that it could be used for easy scanning and sharing of manga titles. (The manga studios were not amused.)...

Photo rights cause e-book copyright complications
October 30, 2010 | 9:15 am

Mediabistro has an interesting article on the copyright problem posed by photos when it comes to moving books from print to electrons. Just because a publisher might have the license to use a photo in print does not necessarily mean he can also use it digitally, because the rights are separate and distinct. If the publisher didn’t have the foresight to include digital uses in the contract, he will have to go back and renegotiate. And even if you have the rights to use the photo in an e-book, you may still not have the right to use it...

The digital revolution I didn’t notice
August 30, 2010 | 11:15 am

brownies This Saturday, I drove about 30 miles west of Springfield to visit the Gay Parita Sinclair, a restored period filling station in Paris Springs, just west of Halltown, Missouri on old Route 66. Several huge photo blow-ups of the place hang on the wall in the breakroom at TeleTech where I work, in keeping with the building’s “Route 66” decor theme. It was only last week when I googled it that I realized I had actually driven right past it without even noticing it twice while on my way to Carthage. I guess I’d mentally filed it as “just another...

People Magazine iPad app held back by paparazzi
August 18, 2010 | 3:15 pm

people cover All the e-reading revolution lacked was a revolt of the paparazzi (who a lot of people find pretty revolting already). The Hollywood Reporter reports that People Magazine was set to follow so many other magazines and launch an iPad application, but has apparently been stymied by a number of photo agencies that supply it with paparazzi snapshots. The agencies want additional compensation for their photos’ use on the iPad before they will let the app go forward. (Though a People spokesperson denied that the launch date had anything to do with the photo agencies.) ...

Quick Notes: London Book Fair, Prizmo, Overdrive audiobooks, Barnes & Noble + Salon, Apple
April 21, 2010 | 7:20 pm has a piece from the London Book Fair looking at opposition to the idea of “enhanced” e-books. Karolina Sutton, senior agent at Curtis Brown, expresses concern that only “superbooks” will get the expensive enhanced treatment, leaving midlist authors out in the cold. She is also concerned that the “gimickiness […] distracts from the actual word.” Also from the London Book Fair, Publishing Perspectives brings a look at comic books as iPhone and iPhone apps, as well as discussion of what the best way to translate comic books to such a format might be. Comic book creators are...