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Libraries Do Not ‘Own’ Random House E-Books After All
October 25, 2012 | 12:20 am

Last week we carried a story about a claim that Random House was going to let libraries “own” its e-books. However, it turns out that “own” may have been an optimistic oversimplification. Peter Brantley, Director of the Bookserver Project at the Internet Archive, writes at Publishers Weekly that he's had some follow-up discussion with Skip Dye, Random House’s VP of Library and Academic Sales, to get clarification on exactly what “own” meant in that context. (Found via TechDirt.) What Random House actually meant was that it would assist libraries in moving e-books from one “authorized library wholesaler” to another. The publisher...

DRM, license terms present barriers to e-book ownership
May 4, 2011 | 12:43 am

A South African website,, is carrying an article in its Personal Finance section about the way license terms and DRM mean that e-book buyers are effectively “renting” e-books rather than “owning” them. It covers the Amazon Orwell e-book removal and Bezos’s apology, and the way competing DRM standards lock customers into particular platforms. There isn’t anything new to TeleRead readers in the content of the article—in fact, it makes a few minor factual errors, such as saying there are only three competing e-book DRM schemes when it should have said three major competing e-book DRM schemes. It also...

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