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Publishing CEOs focus on challenges at the Digital Book World Conference
January 15, 2014 | 2:25 pm

digital book world conferenceNEW YORK – While traditional publishers look for ways to compete in the digital marketplace, one of the biggest problems they face still has to do with physical stores. Traditional publishers are losing out on shelf space with the loss of Borders or smaller outlets getting rid of books, making it difficult for consumers to discover new titles. A panel of CEOs in the digital space discussed challenges at the 2014 Digital Book World Conference + Expo with Simon & Schuster CEO Carolyn Reidy looking at this unique problem for traditional publishers. “The loss of shelf space and that whole discovery mechanism —...

Ebook report looks at markets across the globe
October 3, 2013 | 3:34 pm

Ever wanted to know what ebooks are doing across the globe? The newest ebook report has been published, looking at different publishing markets across the world, including the U.S., U.K., Europe, Brazil, China, India and more. The Global Ebook report, which it is now called, also looked at emerging trends in the digital publishing world such as regulation and subscription services. The report is published by Rüdiger Wischenbart Content and Consulting, after O’Reilly Media handed it over when it discontinued the Tools of Trade Conference. In the U.S. and U.K. markets, the report states ebook penetration has slowed. However, it seems there is...

Feeling Rudderless with the Loss of O’Reilly’s TOC? Consider This
May 10, 2013 | 9:37 pm

Tools of ChangeMuch conversation and virtual space has been devoted over the last week to the announcement by O’Reilly that they are discontinuing the Tools of Change conference. The announcement stunned many, and lamentation abounded at the loss of what had been, for many, a forum for hearing new ideas and, equally important, an arena for networking and maintaining significant ongoing professional connections. As the producers of the Publishing Business Conference & Expo, one of the events in the same space as TOC, we have long respected our colleagues at O’Reilly. It might be expected that we would jump into the fray and exclaim...

BREAKING: O’Reilly Media Retiring the Tools of Change Conference and TOC Blog
May 2, 2013 | 10:15 pm

O'Reilly MediaEarlier today, O'Reilly Media founder Tim O'Reilly announced in a blog post that after seven years of hosting the Tools of Change for Publishing conference, a digital publishing event attended annually by many of the biggest names and most important members of the industry, the conference is being officially retired. Also folding along with the conference is the popular TOC blog, which, like its namesake series of events, is considered a crucial portion of most every digital publishing professional's media diet. The rationale behind the cancellation of Tools of Change seems largely to be one of financial priority. In the aforementioned blog...

How to build you very own Little Free Library
April 10, 2013 | 3:12 pm

Little Free Library I vaguely remember seeing a few blog posts and photo-heavy features here and there in months past about tiny, DIY libraries. It always seemed to me like the sort of thing you might expect to see in one of those weird BuzzFeed roundups: 12 Oddball Book Lovers Who've Built Tiny Libraries On the Side of the Road, or something like that. But according to the last edition of O'Reilly Media's TOC Today newsletter (which you really, really should subscribe to if you don't already get it), tiny libraries are now a 'thing.' That is, a trend—or to be more specific, a quickly growing...

2013 Meeting Guide: At the publishing industry trade shows, hope and opportunity spring eternal
January 21, 2013 | 4:54 pm

By Eugene G. Schwartz Where is the book industry going; what will my workplace and career opportunities be like; what do I need to know to keep up with the times? Or, in a more cosmic vein, what does the future hold? In an effort to answer these questions, publishers have settled each year into a series of industry meetings of general interest. Each has a unique theme, as noted below. They make the effort to bring together a cross section of publishers, associations, service providers and media professionals to connect with audiences ranging from first-time aspirants to seasoned managers and executives...

Registration Now Open for O’Reilly’s 2013 TOC Conference
October 17, 2012 | 3:47 pm

  It is a truth universally acknowledged that a publisher in possession of a rich future must want to attend TOC. Publishers and everyone who wants to master the forces transforming the publishing world can collaborate on the future of books and reading at O'Reilly's Tools of Change for Publishing Conference. TOC returns to New York City February 12-14, 2013, and registration has opened. Chairs Kat Meyer and Joe Wikert have announced an extraordinary program, with featured speakers including: > Evan Williams, The Obvious Corporation > Maria Popova, Brain Pickings > Jeff Jaffe, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) > Hugh McGuire, PressBooks/LibriVox/lambik > Alexandra Gillespie, University of Toronto > Travis Alber, ReadSocial and BookGlutton >...

Harvard Business Review Press Joins the DRM-Free Crowd
September 15, 2012 | 5:44 pm

When the O'Reilly and TOR publishing companies announced their now-historic decisions to drop all DRM from their respective e-books, it's probably fair to say that the digital reading community felt nearly as vindicated as it did relieved, and elated. But for the most part, O'Reilly and TOR both serve reading demographics that are especially tech-savvy--the types of readers, in other words, who tend to have the strongest opinions about the uselessness and frustrations of DRM. In a sense, it probably would have been even more surprising if they hadn't eventually changed their DRM policies. At the end of August, though, Harvard Business Review Press opened its own e-book store, and proudly...

Quick Notes: Popular Science, Android reading, O’Reilly, librarians, network neutrality
March 5, 2010 | 10:15 am

image Wired’s Gadget Lab  reports that Popular Science has put its entire 137-year archive of scanned articles on-line for free. The archives even include original period advertisements. Kudos to Popular Science for foregoing the paywall! At MobileRead, Nate the Great has linked a pair of articles about e-book reading on Android. The first one comes from GearDiary, and the second is Nate’s own from Nate’s Ebook News. Worth reading if you’re considering getting an Android-powered device! Mike Shatzkin has a long piece at his Idea Logical blog about O’Reilly’s new digital distribution service and what it might mean...

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