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Self-publishing gets solid with SelfEspress
January 17, 2015 | 12:48 pm

espresso book machineSelf-publishing took one more step into the physical world with the announcement by On Demand Books, "creators of the patented Espresso Book Machine® (“EBM”) technology," of SelfEspress, "ODB’s new online self-publishing platform." This system appears designed to offer an end-to-end self-publishing system for writers - which also incorporates physical on-demand printing of their book. The announcement reads: From writing and design to printing and distribution, SelfEspress provides the self-published author with a user-friendly, do-it-yourself toolset, guiding the creator through every step of the publication process. Now book design, file creation and printing are easier than ever, and authors can also create eBook...

HarperCollins Christian Publishing Joins the Espresso Book Machine Network
February 3, 2013 | 5:12 pm

Espresso Book Machine On Demand Books As an unabashed vending machine fanatic and someone who's been involved with the publishing industry for the better part of my adult life, I've long been intrigued by the Espresso Book Machine, owned by On Demand Books. There are currently more than seven million titles available in On Demand Books’ digital network, and on January 30, HarperCollins Christian Publishing joined the Espresso Book Machine program, making its titles available through EBM’s "digital-to-print at retail" sales channel. (HarperCollins' six-month-old expanded Christian publishing division is comprised of two formerly independent publishers, Thomas Nelson and Zondervan.) “Christian and inspirational content is an ideal fit for the EBM," said Dane Neller, CEO...

An Espresso Book Machine Comes to Connecticut
September 18, 2012 | 11:33 pm

On Demand Books, the New York-based company behind the Espresso Book Machine (described by the company as "an ATM for books") has just announced the EBM's 31st location in the United States: R.J. Julia Booksellers, a decades-old independent shop located in the shoreline town of Madison, Connecticut. If you happen to find yourself in the area next weekend, you might consider paying a visit to R.J. Julia on September 29, when the shop will be hosting an event to celebrate the arrival of the book machine. (Madison is located about 100 miles/161 kilometers northeast of New York City). "Our goal as a bookstore has always been to...

The other Amazon-publisher disagreement: print on demand
April 29, 2012 | 2:02 pm

Everyone is paying attention to the e-book pricing fight against Amazon right now, but Bloomberg Businessweek reports there’s another disagreement going on between Amazon and the publishers behind the scenes that nobody has really noticed: the question of print on demand. Amazon already offers its own print on demand services, used for mainly for small independent or self-publishing, and the technology has gotten a lot better over the fifteen years since it was introduced—print-on-demand titles are by now largely indistinguishable from large-print-run paperbacks. The rub is that Amazon would like to expand its print-on-demand operations so that it can print copies of...

Xerox to sell and service Espresso Book Machines
September 29, 2010 | 7:15 am

image_thumb1[1]I mentioned earlier this month that On Demand Books’s COO said it was poised to expand placement of its Espresso Book Machines to more locations. Now we see how: Engadget reports that Xerox is starting to get behind the Espresso Book Machine in a major way, planning to resell, lease, and service the devices. It seems like a match made in heaven, given that two Xerox printers plus some automation is all an EBM really is. Xerox’s press release reports that Espresso is going to have two booths at Graph Expo 2010 in Chicago October 3-6, and that the...