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TeleRead Calls Bullshit On All These Meaningless Publishing Industry Reports
December 29, 2012 | 3:39 pm

E-book reading is up, print reading is down, girl with e-reader, girl with e-books"One of the biggest mistakes we as a society in general, and industry in specific make is that we mistake medium for the message. Those who can keep their eye on the message—Amazon and Netflix for example—profit handsomely. On the flip-side you have Flickr." —Om Malik This particular time of year—the stretch between Christmas and, say, the first week or two of January—seems to always result in some sort of consumer-relevant trend story that is repeated over and over again in the media, ad nauseum, until most people simply begin thinking of the story as nothing less than pure...

Phone voice communication rapidly giving way to text and video
August 26, 2010 | 1:08 am

1896_telephone E-books aren’t the only way to “TeleRead”. Whenever we receive a text message, or an instant message on line, you could say we “TelePhoneRead”—as different a form of communication from the phone calls of old as e-books are from printed books. I covered a similar article from TechCrunch a couple of weeks ago, but Om Malik of GigaOm has posted a piece on “Why we never talk anymore”—an article about the decline in phone voice communications and the rise in other forms such as text and possibly soon video. Malik talks about his personal history growing up...

Amazon still stands to make hefty profit from e-books
March 31, 2010 | 7:15 am

With the impending launch of the iPad, many industry observers might be tempted to write Amazon off. After all, the iPad has color, multimedia capability, and the weight of Apple’s name brand and app store behind it. But not so fast says Om Malik in this post on GigaOm. Or, rather, so says the J.P. Morgan research note Malik cites. The J.P. Morgan note points out that e-books could take as much as 25% of the market share away from physical books, rather than the 1% they have today. If that happens, even if Amazon’s share of...

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